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Wolfenstein 3 Xbox Showcase Reveal Countdown: Release Date Speculation & More

Could Wolfenstein 3 be around the corner? Find out what we know about the next potential installment in the iconic FPS franchise.
Wolfenstein 3 Xbox Showcase Reveal Countdown: Release Date Speculation & More

Will Wolfenstein Be At The Xbox Bethesda Showcase?

No. With MachineGames currently working on an Indiana Jones game, you're unlikely to see anything from the Wolfenstein franchise for a while, unless they decide to hand the reigns to a different developer. So no Wolfenstein at the Xbox & Bethesda showcase. That said, who knows maybe we get just a CGI teaser.

[ORIGINAL STORY FOLLOWS]: Since Machine Games took the reins on the Wolfenstein franchise, there have been plenty of installments for fans to sink their teeth into. However, there have only been two mainline entries and Wolfenstein 3 is set to be the next release if the franchise continues down the current path.

It's been five years since Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was released and the story revolved around B.J. Blazkowicz. Youngblood was the most recent release, but it featured Blazkowicz's twin daughters as the protagonists. This guide will cover what to expect from a potential Wolfenstein 3 and whether we can get back to the story of Blazkowicz himself.

Wolfenstein 3 Release Date

So far, there is no concrete announcement for Wolfenstein 3, let alone an announcement for a release date. Machine Games has confirmed that they plan on making the third game in the mainline series in the near future. Bethesda, the publisher of Wolfenstein, confirmed a few years ago that they intend on releasing the game.

However, the pipeline for Machine Games seems to have become more complicated over time. An unannounced Indiana Jones game is in the works at their studio and will likely take priority over the Wolfenstein 3 project for the time being.

Because of the lack of information, there is no clarity on how many teams are working on the projects themselves.

Now that a few years have passed after Bethesda made its claim, and Youngblood is even nearly three years old, true announcements for the game could be around the corner.

What is the Story in Wolfenstein 3?

The twin daughters of Blazkowicz are the main characters of Youngblood, which was released in 2019. That makes the game a canon part of the series, but it doesn't make it a mainline game that completes the arc of B.J. Blazkowicz. For that, Machine Games would need an official title with a number.

Wolfenstein 3 would be just that and would likely pick up directly after the events of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. There is a lot of time between New Colossus and Youngblood so the timeline could be anywhere. But it's safe to assume we'll see the next installment in the Blazkowicz arc.

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