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WWE 2K24 Cover Star Reveal Teaser Released Before Royal Rumble

The WWE 2K24 cover star reveal is likely less than two weeks away, and it's brought the game's first official teaser.
WWE 2K24 Cover Star Reveal Teaser Released Before Royal Rumble
GINX/Patches Chance

As fans keep their eyes out for more news to drop, WWE Games has released a teaser hyping up the WWE 2K24 cover star reveal. The video shared to social media features multiple WWE superstars speculating on the potential cover star, and it confirms the WWE 2K24 logo which had previously been leaked by Peacock. Fortunately, the suggestions may tip off who will (and won't) get to be WWE 2K24 cover star.

WWE 2K24 Cover Star Teaser Released

WWE 2K23 2023-03-15 16-20-03

After leaks and rumors have trickled out in recent weeks, the first official WWE 2K24 teaser is out and it features multiple WWE superstar speculating on the WWE 2K24 cover star. The video can be seen on their social media platforms including Twitter and TikTok, and it means that a formal WWE 2K24 cover star reveal could be less than two weeks away. 

The video features thoughts about the WWE 2K24 cover star from The Miz, Mia Yim, Xavier Woods, Austin Theory, Bianca Belair, and Zoey Stark. As you might expect, The Miz spends most of it complaining about the fact that he won't be the cover star. Bianca Belair suggest she should be the pick, and several of the superstars bring up Cody Rhodes.

We've had Cody Rhodes in mind as a potential WWE 2K24 cover star for some time, and he does still look like a frontrunner. One name that seems notably absent from their speculation is reigning WWE Champion Roman Reigns. If he is their choice, they may have chosen not to risk spoiling that ahead of the announcement.

As for when that actual announcement is set to arrive, the WWE Royal Rumble is one week from Saturday. If they plan on advertising the game heavily at that event, we'll probably see a reveal on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. Soon, the speculation will be over and we'll know exactly who gets to be the face of WWE 2K24.