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WWE 2K24 Leak Suggests Streaming and WrestleMania Partnership

We're reaching the time of year where every crumb matters, and WWE 2K24 looks to be partnering with Peacock.
WWE 2K24 Leak Suggests Streaming and WrestleMania Partnership
GINX/Patches Chance

After stirring up the conversation with their own edited footage late last year, it looks like Peacock is actually working on a partnership when WWE 2K24 arrives. While most eyes are on the Royal Rumble for more significant reveals, the streaming giant has given us the first tiny glimpses of what's on the way. Based on the timing, it looks like WrestleMania will also tie into the WWE 2K24 launch.

WWE 2K24 to have Peacock partnership before WrestleMania

Screenshot _27895_

While thoughts about their edited recreation that appeared to be a modded WWE 2K game were mixed, we've finally got something directly tied to WWE 2K24 from Peacock. Multiple users have noticed the Peacock screen shown above, seemingly appearing a bit earlier than they intended, which tells potential subscribers you can "Enjoy 1 Month of Peacock Premium by redeeming your code from 2K Sports."

Further confirming the deal, we've confirmed that the WWE 2K24 logo shown here does appear to have been leaked ahead of their reveal. Image searches for WWE 2K24, also seen above, show the now leaked logo on Peacock's website and link to the offer. However, the page has since been taken down as it likely wasn't meant to go live so early.

While the deal itself isn't too significant, a free month of Peacock Premium is just $5.99 in value for a game that will likely have a base price of $69.99, the timing is notable. The WWE 2K24 release date is expected before March 31, 2024.

WrestleMania 40 is scheduled for April 6 and 7, so anyone who purchases WWE 2K24 around launch would gain access to Peacock Premium in time to watch WrestleMania. The hope is certainly that subscribers will then find they like Peacock and choose not to cancel, and we might see more WWE 2K24 and WrestleMania connections as the event approaches.