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WWE 2K24 MyFACTION Unlockables Teased by 2K Devs

A new interview with WWE 2K24 devs teased a few yet to be revealed features.
WWE 2K24 MyFACTION Unlockables Teased by 2K Devs
GINX/Patches Chance

As we chart the road to WWE 2K24 and the Forty Years of WrestleMania edition of the game, new details about features are going to continue rolling out with each passing day. The latest bit of news comes via an interview with a few of the developers at 2K, and there's potentially good news on the horizon. One of last year's most criticized MyFACTION features could be ready to change in WWE 2K24.

WWE 2K24 MyFACTION unlockables teased by 2K devs

WWE 2K24 Roman Reigns

In a new interview with WrestleZone, WWE 2K24 developers Bryan Williams and Lynell Jinks discussed some of what fans can expect in this year's game. Perhaps most exciting to longtime fans will be the return of the ramp-facing camera option which has been gone for years, and it'll be one players can turn on or off as they want.

With a mixed response to MyFACTION in WWE 2K23, one of the biggest complaints centered around exclusive alternate versions of characters that weren't playable anywhere else in the game. When asked about this, Lynell Jinks jokingly started by saying "I don't know if people actually want that" before going on to tease that more news was on the way.

"We haven't announced anything yet, but let's just say that we hope to please people with a future announcement. So stay tuned," Jinks said. As has been their usual tactic in recent years, we expect WWE 2K24 deep dives breaking down specific game modes will be released regularly in the weeks between now and the WWE 2K24 release date.

If they're indeed planning to make these alternate versions into WWE 2K24 MyFACTION Unlockables, that could go a long way towards getting more players to try out the mode. We've got more details here on all the WWE 2K24 new features that have been confirmed so far.