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WWE 2K24 MyGM adds new brands, GMs, match types, and more

GM Mode is back once again, and WWE 2K24 MyGM has tons of upgrades ready to shake things up.
WWE 2K24 MyGM adds new brands, GMs, match types, and more
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The wait is finally over as news on the next WWE 2K game is finally starting to arrive, and WWE 2K24 MyGM is pushing things forward in several different ways. No game mode was light on new features, but the upgrades in GM Mode will have a ripple effect on every strategy utilized by players.

New brands and GMs only scratch the surface of some fundamental mechanics that will shake up the WWE 2K24 MyGM experience. As additional details are revealed and we learn more about exactly how MyGM will change this year, we'll keep this updated so you can be prepared when the WWE 2K24 release date finally arrives.

WWE 2K24 MyGM: Every GM Mode Change

WWE 2K24 Undertaker vs HBK Casket

A whole flurry of WWE 2K24 new features were revealed when the game was formally announced, and MyGM is getting plenty of attention. Fans have raved about the GM Mode resurrection since the mainstay of the SmackDown vs. Raw era returned in WWE 2K22, but there have been regular requests for additional features and mechanics that were missing in the last few versions of it.

Thankfully, the wait is over for several of those as MyGM has several key upgrades on the way. Superstar trading between brands may be the biggest for some players, and it's a game changing feature that introduces a whole new slew of strategies. Similarly, superstar contract management should now allow more flexibility and make it easier to pick up a critical free agent when necessary.

The most impactful upgrade may end up being Superstar Journey, which is a new MyGM mechanic that allows your superstars to earn XP, train, and level up to gain new benefits. Talent scouts have also been added, which may tie into using Superstar Journey to build up new or less popular superstars. We don't yet know exactly how these new features will operate, but a WWE 2K24 MyGM deep dive should clear much of that up ahead of launch.

New GMs, Brands, and more

The early reveals about MyGM confirmed more match types, more "dramas," and more championships. However, they stopped short on confirming which ones. We already know that the Ambulance Match, Buried Alive Match, Gauntlet Match, and Special Guest Referee Match are being added to the main game, but not every match type in the main game was part of MyGM last year. Those first details also confirmed new GMs and brands to choose from would be added, and at least one part of that was teased on 2K's website.


As seen above, Tyler Breeze is shown with an ECW logo behind him. While Breeze was already a GM available in MyGM last year, ECW would be an entirely new brand for players to lead in the mode. Few other details have been revealed so far, but we expect the following brands to return from last year:

  • SmackDown
  • Raw
  • NXT
  • NXT 2.0
  • WCW

There's no word yet on who might be added as a GM, but there are certainly hopes that William Regal could be among them since he's back in WWE. Here are all the GMs from last year we expect to return:

  • Adam Pearce
  • Sonya Deville
  • Stephanie McMahon
  • Xavier Woods
  • Tyler Breeze
  • Kurt Angle
  • Eric Bischoff
  • Mick Foley
  • Custom Superstar

The last entry there is one we're certain of, as there was a mention in details about Creation Suite upgrades that new parts and animations to design custom GMs were added. 2K has yet to confirm a date for a MyGM deep dive, but that and ones for MyRISE and other WWE 2K24 modes should land in February.