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Is WWE 2K23 on Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus?

Find out whether last year's WWE 2K23 has made it to Game Pass or PS Plus yet.
Is WWE 2K23 on Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus?
GINX/Patches Chance

As fans start to keep an eye out for the next installment in this longrunning franchise to arrive, hopes are high about WWE 2K23 becoming more readily available. While EA Sports has made a habit of putting their annual releases on subscription services, things are less consistent when it comes to 2K. Here's everything we know about WWE 2K23 being on Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus.

When will WWE 2K23 be on Xbox Game Pass?

WWE 2K23 2023-03-15 07-29-48

Players hoping they could download it now without any extra cost will be disappointed, as WWE 2K23 is not currently part of the Xbox Game Pass library. While the game was released early last year, there's no word on if or when WWE 2K23 will ever become available on Game Pass.

Most EA Sports titles have hit Game Pass through EA Play, their own more niche subscription service specifically for Electronic Arts titles. In those cases, their annual sports games hit the service after about six months, but it's rare for 2K to do the same. If you want WWE 2K23 at a discount, the best bet is to watch for sales as they frequently lower the price for a limited window.

Is WWE 2K23 on PlayStation Plus?

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There is slightly better news for PS Plus Premium subscribers, but probably not the news you're hoping for. WWE 2K23 is one of several games with an exclusive PlayStation Plus Premium trial, but it only allows players to dive in for a maximum of two hours. If you do give it a shot, focus on feeling out whether you'll enjoy the gameplay before getting lost in any specific game modes and running out of time. 

Thanks to the demo partnership, the odds are slightly higher that WWE 2K23 could be made available on PS Plus soon. With WWE 2K24 reveals expected around the Royal Rumble, they could drop last year's game on PS Plus to heighten anticipation for the next release.