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Will UFC 5 be on Xbox Game Pass?

The latest installment in this fighting franchise has arrived, but will UFC 5 be a part of the Xbox Game Pass library?
Will UFC 5 be on Xbox Game Pass?

The wait is finally over, and after several years UFC 5 is bringing a flurry of new upgrades to the longstanding franchise as it hits PS5 and Xbox Series X|S for the very first time. For one half of that potential player demographic, many are already looking to whether UFC 5 will be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Fortunately, there's good short-term news about those who want to give UFC 5 a try and some hope on the horizon as we look at when most EA Sports titles land in the core Xbox Game Pass catalogue.

Will UFC 5 be on Xbox Game Pass and EA Play?

UFC 5 Xbox Game Pass EA Play Trial

Now that UFC 5 has been released for early access, there is actually already a UFC 5 trial available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The UFC 5 trial is actually connected to EA Play, as the company chose to give UFC 5 the same time-limited free trial for EA Play subscribers.

While none of the game will be gated for the UFC 5 trial, you will be on a time crunch as the trial only lasts for 10 hours of gameplay. If you do give the trial a shot, ensure you've completed closed the game when done and it's not running in the background as this can drain your 10-hour timer.

If you're hoping to play UFC 5 with Xbox Game Pass for any more extended period of time, there will be at minimum a several month wait. As of now, EA Sports has not confirmed plans to bring UFC 5 to the main EA Play and Xbox Game Pass libraries.

However, all major EA Sports titles tend to hit the service about six months after release. The hiccup in this is that UFC 5 isn't an annual release like Madden or FIFA, and the extended wait between UFC 4 and the latest arrival could lead them to hold off a bit longer. If they use similar timing to other EA Sports games, we should see UFC 5 on Xbox Game Pass in late May 2024.