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It's official - WWE 2K21 has been cancelled

After a series of rumours in the last few weeks, WWE now officially confirmed that we won't see WWE game this year.
It's official - WWE 2K21 has been cancelled

It's been a rough year for the fans of WWE games. Last year's addition to the series has been one of the worst entries in the history of the franchise. Bugs and glitches plagued the game and the overall feeling was that we've got a completely unfinished product, rushed out without any serious testing.

And now we won't actually get a new WWE 2K game this year, which might be for the best. Rumours about the cancellation have been floating around for months now, but the firmest confirmation we got 10 days ago, from Justin Leeper, a former writer of Road To WrestleMania modes in several WWE games. He then said that WWE 2k21 has been cancelled, which now turns out to be true. This was confirmed by WWE CFO Frank Riddick, who have talked about it during an investors call, when he confirmed that there will be no WWE-based game this year, without any particular explanations why.


The game has been dropped and the franchise will be on ice for at least a year, which will be the first time since 2011 that we will not see a new WWE 2K game.

In the same video we've mentioned above, Justin Leeper also said that there's another wrestling game in the works, but that yet remain to be officially announced and it is still just a speculation. 

While this is the first full cancellation of the game in this year, many other games have been already delayed for various reasons, mostly related to COVID-19 outbreak. RPGs such as Wasteland 3 and Minecraft Dungeons, a highly anticipated sequel of Sony exclusive The Last of Us, and the PC edition of Death Stranding saw a delay. Even mighty Amazon is not immune to this new situation, and their big MMO project  New World has been delayed for summer.