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Super Mega Baseball 4 Brings MLB Legends to Xbox Game Pass

Dive into some arcade baseball with MLB legends in Super Mega Baseball 4.
Super Mega Baseball 4 Brings MLB Legends to Xbox Game Pass
GINX/Patches Chance

Every month new games find their way into the Xbox Game Pass lineup, and one of the latest additions for January is longtime arcade favorite Super Mega Baseball 4. While it doesn't bring the realism we'll see from MLB The Show 24 to the table, there's a lot more to love about Super Mega Baseball 4 than some fans may realize.

The arrival lines up with EA Sports taking over Free Play Days, as several titles like Madden 24 and NHL 24 are free to play for a full weekend. Super Mega Baseball 4 isn't going anywhere though, so players can rest assured their fun won't be abruptly ended.

Does Super Mega Baseball 4 have MLB players and teams?

Super Mega Baseball 4 2024-01-11 14-36-33

Many fans enjoy sports simulation games specifically because they can play as their favorite pro teams, and sadly Super Mega Baseball 4 does not have MLB teams in the game. They've instead got a variety of teams in the Super Mega League, Legends League, and Creators Classic.

Players looking to play with some baseball greats they recognize will want to try out the Legends League. While it doesn't have modern day MLB players, it's filled with legends of the sport who have now retired.

Players like David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, Babe Ruth, Joe Mauer, Kyle Seager, Torri Hunter, and dozens more are divided up into teams themed after their strengths. If you want to create versions of MLB teams or your own creations, there are several customization options in the game for leagues, teams, and players to get those perfect touches in place.

The Super Mega League is made up of characters seen previously in this franchise, and the Creators Classic is a mix both other leagues alongside influential media personalities throughout baseball. That league features teams for Jomboy Media, Pinstripe Strong, and more.