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New Xbox Console Wraps Will Launch On November 10

New Console Wraps are on the way for Xbox Series X and we have the information about that for you.
New Xbox Console Wraps Will Launch On November 10

Now more than ever is a good time to be an owner of an Xbox console. Throughout the years, there have been many games that have been released on Xbox. Lately, a lot of newer games have been released on Game Pass which keeps players on the console. This makes getting games a lot cheaper on Xbox as newer releases come out on Game Pass.

New releases like Starfield which has been getting a lot of attention and will soon be available for purchase. As we get closer to the launch of Starfield, more accessories for the game are being announced for Xbox. One is a completely new accessory never seen before called a Console Wrap. Here, we will talk about the Xbox Console Wrap.

What Is The Xbox Console Wrap

Xbox Console Wrap
The Xbox Console Wrap will fit perfectly around your Xbox Series X. (Picture: Xbox)

Throughout the years of gaming, there have been many special edition consoles that players can buy. These special edition consoles are consoles that are themed after a certain game. The main problem with these special edition consoles is that you would have to buy a completely new console at a higher price just for an aesthetic upgrade. Xbox is changing that.

Console Wraps are cosmetic upgrades that wrap around your current existing Xbox Series X console. You can wrap these cosmetics around your Xbox Series X to give your console a cosmetic upgrade at a much cheaper price than buying a new console. This is only available for Xbox Series X and not Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X Console Wrap Price And Release Date

Xbox Series X Console Wrap
More Xbox Series X Console Wraps are on the way. (Picture: Xbox)

As we said earlier, getting an Xbox Series X Console Wrap is much cheaper than getting an entirely new limited edition console. The first one will be a Starfield-themed Console Wrap that will launch on October 18th and will be priced at $49.99 USD. But that is not the only Console Wrap that players can buy.

If you want more Console Wraps, more are coming a month later. One is going to be an Artic Camo gray and white Console Wrap and another is going to be a Mineral Camo which will have blues and purples. Both are going to be available on November 10th and will be priced at $44.99 USD. All can be ordered on the Xbox website.