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How To Find Horse Stables in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Stables are where you can register and store horses but finding them in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom isn't easy. Therefore, here's a guide for it.
How To Find Horse Stables in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

If you are a fan of the Zelda series, you might be wondering how to find horse stables in the latest installment, Tears of the Kingdom. Stables are important locations that allow you to register and store your horses, as well as access other services and features.

This guide will show you how to locate all the stables in the game and what you can do at each one.

All Tears of the Kingdom Horse Stable locations

You can find a total of 15 Horse stables across the Hyrule
You can find a total of 15 Horse stables across the Hyrule. (Picture: Kibbles Gaming YouTube)

There are 15 main stables and 2 mini stables in Tears of the Kingdom, spread across different regions of the game world. Here is a table that summarizes their locations and coordinates:




Woodland Stable

Central Hyrule

1057, 1122, 0022

Riverside Stable

Central Hyrule

0326, -1087, 0009

Snowfield Stable


-1630, 2587, 0234

Dueling Peaks Stable

West Necluda

1757, -1957, 0010

Outskirt Stable

Central Hyrule

1404, -1266, 0032

Tabantha Bridge Stable

Central Hyrule

-2919, 0546, 0169

Gerudo Canyon Stable

Gerudo Desert

-2773, -2240, 0029

New Serenne Stable

Hyrule Ridge

-1348, 0745, 0085

Wetland Stable

Lanayru Wetlands

0914, -0248, 0034

Foothill Stable

Eldin Canyon

2610, 1144, 0148

South Akkala Stable

Akkala Highlands

3125, 1687, 0201

East Akkala Stable

Deep Akkala

4254, 2737, 0125

Lakeside Stable


1547, -3535-0061

Highland Stable

Faron Grasslands

0516, -3442, 0047

Mini Stable

Gerudo Canyon

-0239, 0112, 0034

Hateno Pasture

Mount Lanayru

3620, -1943, 0180

Lucky Clover Gazette

Tabantha Frontier

-3247, 1766, 0118

Stables are not just places to park your horses. They also offer a variety of services and features that can help you on your adventure.

To find a stable on your map, look for a horseshoe icon. You can also use your scope to zoom in and spot them from afar. Some stables may be hidden or inaccessible until you complete certain quests or unlock certain areas.