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All Skyview Tower Locations In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom & How To Unlock Them

Fast travel makes traversing Hyrule much easier, especially between Skyview Towers, so here’s how to unlock them in Tears of the Kingdom.
All Skyview Tower Locations In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom & How To Unlock Them

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom indeed have a Fast Travel system that makes Link’s journey throughout the Kingdom accessible. Aside from utilizing his paraglider, this system can only be unlocked after completing the four Sky Island Shrines and unlocking the Temple of Time.

Skyview Towers and Shrines are vital in helping Link navigate around Hyrule; it helps update the World Map on his Purrah Pad. This guide details everything about Skyview Towers, how to unlock and their locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Find the Skyview Towers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Throughout your journey across Hyrule, Link will discover tall beacons towering over various regions that serve as fast travel points. These beacons are called Skyview Towers, and these structures can be unlocked once you’ve located Lookout Landing.

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom feature guide skyview towers how to find lookout landing
The Skyview Tower at Lookout Landing is the first tower many players will unlock. (Screenshot: Nintendo / Ashleigh Klein)

While at Lookout Landing, you can complete the first section of the Crisis at Hyrule Castle by heading out to Hyrule Castle to locate Captain Hoz before speaking with Purrah. Here, you will meet with Purrah at the Skyview Tower, for which you’ll get a Paraglider before activating the tower, which signals the other towers.

With your Purrah Pad updated you’re now tasked with locating the other Skyview Towers, which requires time and patience. Once you’ve discovered a tower, you must overcome some obstacles, whether accessing the tower, eliminating enemies, or destroying objects blocking the path.

You must find a console pad inside the tower to activate it with the Purrah Pad before stepping on the platform to launch Link into the skies. Here, he’ll scan the surrounding area and the Sky Islands for it to be recorded on the Purrah Pad, and the data will be sent to Purrah’s Lab to aid in her research.

All Skyview Tower Locations In Tears Of The Kingdom

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom feature guide skyview towers how to activate scanning purrah pad
To activate the Skyview Tower, scan the Purrah Pad on the panel and trigger the launch pad to scan the area and unlock a Fast Travel point. (Screenshot: Nintendo / Ashleigh Klein)

After unlocking the first Skyview Tower at Lookout Landing, you can start working your way to find the remaining 14 Skyview Towers to be discovered. It’s not dependent on the order you find them; however, some can be found during Story Quest progression or through exploration.

Below are all the Skyview Towers and their coordinates to be found and activated in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Lookout Landing: -0293, 0137, 0025
  • Hyrule Field: -0753, -1019, 0064
  • Gerudo Canyon: -2432, -2178, 0307
  • Gerudo Highlands: 3959, -1313, 0422
  • Lindor’s Brow: -1901, 1243, 0297
  • Rospro Pass: -3686, 2342, 0233
  • Pikida Stonegrove: -2318, 3066, 0443
  • Thyphlo Ruins: 0343, 3133, 0180
  • Eldin Canyon: 1799, 1638, 0311
  • Ulri Mountain: 3493, 2019, 0188
  • Upland Zorana: 2858, 0582, 0379
  • Mount Lanayru: 3846, -1307, 0539
  • Rabella Wetlands: 2419, -2762, 0222
  • Sahasra Slope: 1344, -1170, 0166
  • Popla Foothills: 0602, -2119, 0098

One of the ideal ways to identify a Skyview Tower, once the one activated at Lookout Landing, is that a lightly dimmed beam will brighten the skies. This makes activating them at night ideal as you can sneak past enemies, mostly undetected, and take cover in the darkness to reach the panel.

Finally, you can activate the towers without engaging in combat by running past enemies or using one of the abilities to help you reach the panel. From there, activate the panel and then the tower to start scanning the area and update the Hyrule map on your Purrah Pad.