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How To Get Zonai Devices Tears Of The Kingdom

Zonai Devices can help make traveling, combat, and more fun by grabbing them at dispensers found at the Sky Islands in Tears of the Kingdom.
How To Get Zonai Devices Tears Of The Kingdom

The Zonai continues to significantly influence the narrative of Tears of the Kingdom following their extinction in Breath of the Wild. This resulted in many of its people gone from Hyrule, but their culture, knowledge, and technologies remain as Link finds himself collecting Zonai Charges and acquiring Zonai Devices.

Zonai Devices can be found throughout the world; however, it’s most commonly found in exchanging a specific material to earn a device. If you’re wondering how to acquire a Zonai Device, continue following this guide as we reveal all Zonai Devices and how to get them in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Get Zonai Devices In Tears Of The Kingdom?

In our guide explaining Zonai Charges, we’ve detailed that these items can be acquired by defeating Soldier Construct enemies through Story Quests, exploration, or inside Shrines. As these are loot drops, these can be used to power up Zonai Devices temporarily, but how does one acquire a Zonai Device?

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom features guide zonai devices how to get device dispenser zonai capsules
Place Zonai Charges within the Device Dispenser to get Zonai Devices found inside of capsules received. (Screenshot: Nintendo / Ashleigh Klein)

During explorations of the Sky Islands, some Zonai Devices can be seen on the ground, which can be used for various Autobuild or Fuse combinations. Additionally, a few Construct NPCs can gift you Zonai Devices within Zonai Capsules, which you can access from your Inventory.

However, the most common way players can get a Zonai Device is by locating one of 30 Device Dispensers throughout the Sky Islands. These Dispensers are found nearby Shrines, which should be easy to find if the Shrines are activated and unlock their Fast Travel points.

You may chat with the Maker Construct working at the Dispenser to better understand how it works, but you can place a Zonai Charge or Soldier Construct Horn in the bowl provided. As Link can only hold five items at a time, an exchange happens where the Dispenser will return Zonai Capsules, for which a randomized device can be found inside.

All Zonai Devices In Tears Of The Kingdom

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom features guide zonai devices how to use flame emitter
The Flame Emitter is one of 27 Zonai Devices to get from Device Dispensers. (Screenshot: Nintendo / Ashleigh Klein)

Once you’ve collected the Zonai Capsules received from the Device Dispenser, these can be found within the Inventory. Found under the Zonai Devices tab, you can view its in-game description, how to use them, and the quantity of each Device.

For Tears of the Kingdom, there are 27 Zonai Devices to collect, which can be used in various applications, including combat, traveling, crafting, and cooking. Below we’ve listed all Zonai Devices and their functions in Tears of the Kingdom:

Zonai Device Name: Description/Use
Balloon Slowly lift objects into the air using hot air from a heating source
Battery Temporary charges devices
Beam Emitter Fires powerful laser projectiles
Big Battery Functions the same as the battery but is much bigger and more powerful
Big Wheel A wheeled device that rotates slowly straight ahead
Cannon A large launching device that fires cannonballs
Cart A mini platform upon wheels
Construct Head This device has homing attacks when facing enemies
Fan A device with propelling blades that produces a current of air
Flame Emitter It emits flames from its mouth
Frost Emitter Like the Flame Emitter, this device spews ice-cold clouds/gas
Homing Cart A vehicular device that targets enemies
Hover Stone A platform that gets fixed when placed in the air
Hydrant Triggers streams of water launching from the device
Light Similar to a mirror and Beam Emitter, this device shoots a singular light straight toward enemies
Mirror Streams of light are reflected off a mirror
Portable Pot A stove utilized for single-use cooking
Rocket Launches a missile targeting enemies
Shock Emitter Quite like the Flame Emitter, which launches lightning from the mouth area
Sled A vehicle with a smooth surface on the bottom, perfect for sliding down slopes, grass, and sand
Small Wheel A wheeled device that rotates fast straight ahead
Spring Shoots/launches objects upwards
Stabilizer A structure that remains upright when placed
Stake A cross-like structure that can be placed on most surfaces and walls with platforms placed on the top (RIP Korok)
Steering Stick Allows you to control vehicles
Time Bomb A timed device that explodes on contact
Wing An alternative for the paraglider that lets you glide in the air