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Apex Legends
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ALGS Championship Bundles: End date, price, all skins and items, more

How much the Apex Legends Global Series bundles cost and how long they will be available? Find out all the answers here!
The ALGS Championship is just around the corner, and now everyone can show support for their favourite teams and players.  

The biggest Apex Legends esports competition will see the best  Apex Legends teams and players from all around the world competing for money, glory, the title of Apex Legends world champions.

When it comes to money, the prize pool for the Apex Legends Global Series Championship is USD $1,000,000, but now it can be much bigger as EA launches a crowdfunding campaign.

In a similar fashion to a number of other esports games, most notably Valve's DotA 2, EA has introduced special series of skins and other items to support the ALGS Championship, and a portion of each sale will go to the prize pool up to a cap of USD $2,000,000, which can bring the total potential prize pool up to USD $3,000,000.

There is a total of 5 bundles available, four smaller and one huge which includes all four of the smaller ones.

For each Mechameleon, Boared to Death, Wild Speed and Silverback bundle purchased, EA will add USD $5 to the prize pool, and for each Animal Kingdom bundle purchased, USD $20 will go to the prize pool.

Mechameleon, Boared to Death, Wild Speed and Silverback bundles include one Legendary Legend Skin, one Epic Banner Frame and one Epic Gun Charm.

ALGS Championship bundles end date

These bundles are available starting today, 18th of May and they will be up for purchase until 1st of June 2021.

ALGS Championship bundles content: All items and skins


Bundle Content
Mechameleon Bundle 1 Legendary Pathfinder Skin: Mechameleon
1 Epic Banner Frame: Change of Colour
1 Epic Gun Charm: Ancient Guardian
Boared to Death Bundle 1 Legendary Fuse Skin: Boared to Death
1 Epic Banner Frame: Wild Swine
1 Epic Gun Charm: Steely Swine
Wild Speed Bundle 1 Legendary Octane Skin: Wild Speed
1 Epic Banner Frame: Wild Spirit
1 Epic Gun Charm: Cyber Cheetah
Silverback Bundle 1 Legendary Caustic Skin: Silverback
1 Epic Banner Frame: King of the Jungle
1 Epic Gun Charm: Hanging In There
Animal Kingdom Bundle All of the Above

(all images courtesy of EA)

ALGS Championship Bundles end date

ALGS Championship Bundles price

ALGS Championship Bundles skins

ALGS Championship Bundles