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Apex Legends
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Apex Legend devs are working on rolling back accidental Wattson nerfs

The legend’s ultimate ability should be fixed by the next patch.
Season 9: Legacy which was released in Apex Legends at the beginning of this month made numerous changes to the game. An unintended one though was the nerf to Wattson's electrified fences, which should slow and injure players, but which ended up not really doing either. As you can see in the video below.

The accidental nerf was quickly noted by the developers and they are working on a fix.

“Aiming to get Wattson fence fixes out in a patch next week. That one sucks, we know” said Ryan K. Rigney on Twitter, Director of Communications at Respawn Entertainment.

So far it is unknown when exactly the patch will go live. Wattson changes were clearly pushed back, as Respawn focused on nerfing the Bocek Bow and Spitfire in the game's latest update, which went out yesterday.

Apex Legends wattson nerf fix fence
The powerful Bocek Bow has been the developer's main concern following the launch of Season 9. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

The latest season of Apex Legends has been a huge success for the game with record numbers of players playing, helped in no small part by its recent arrival on Steam.

EA have big plans for the title with a new Apex Legends: Mobile game expected later this year.