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Apex Legends Arenas mode: All weapons and material cost

Here are all the weapons featured in Apex Legend's new Arenas mode at the start of Season 9 Legacy, as well as their Material cost to purchase.
Apex Legends Arenas mode: All weapons and material cost

Apex Legends players have a lot to do in Season 9 Legacy. Arguably one of the most exciting additions is Arenas, a new permanent game mode featuring 3v3 matches on three condensed, unique maps. We've already got a guide to how the Arenas game mode works in Apex Legends, featuring the format, maps and much more. Due to its unique gearing system, many players out there might be wondering which weapons will be featured in the Apex Legends Arenas mode, and how much Material each of these weapons will set you back at the start of a new round.

Apex Legends Arenas: Weapons & Material Cost 

The Apex Legends Arenas mode introduces a new economic system to the game, much like in CS:GO or Valorant. At the start of each round, players can purchase weapons with Materials.

These crafting materials can also be used to purchase ability charges, healing items, weapon attachments and much more. 

Apex Legends Arenas mode all weapons material cost price(Picture: EA)

At the start of your Apex Legends Arenas journey, arguably the most important details to get familiar with is all the weapons and their Material cost. 

We've got a list of Apex Legends Arenas weapons as well as their Material cost, which should help you spend your resources wisely at the start of each round.

Apex Legends Arenas mode all weapons material cost price(Picture: EA)

The Apex Legend Arenas mode purchase screen breaks weapon categories into three sections. Check out all the weapons in each section, as well as their Material cost below.


Pistols, Shotguns & SMGs:

  • P2020 - Free
  • Mozambique - Free
  • RE-45 - Buy for 250 Materials
  • EVA-8 - Buy for 250 Materials
  • Alternator - Buy for 400 Materials
  • Peacekeeper - Buy for 500 Materials
  • Wingman - Buy for 500 Materials
  • Mastiff - Buy for 500 Materials
  • Volt - Buy for 500 Materials
  • R-99 - Buy for 550 Materials

Assault Rifles & LMGs:

  • HAVOC - Buy for 350 Materials
  • L-Star - Buy for 400 Materials
  • Devotion - Buy for 450 Materials
  • Hemlok - Buy for 500 Materials
  • Flatline - Buy for 550 Materials
  • Spitfire - Buy for 550 Materials
  • R-301 - Buy for 600 Materials

Marksman & Snipers:

  • 30-30 Repeater - Buy for 350 Materials
  • G7 Scout - Buy for 350 Materials
  • Sentinel - Buy for 400 Materials
  • Longbow - Buy for 400 Materials
  • Bocek Bow - Buy for 600 Materials
  • Charge Rifle - Buy for 700 Materials

Apex Legends Arenas mode all weapons material cost priceThe Bocek Bow (Picture: EA)

So there you have it, all the Apex Legends Arenas weapons, and the Material cost of each.

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