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Apex Legends debuts new character Valkyrie for Season 9

Respawn has revealed the latest character joining Apex Legends, who has strong connections to Titanfall 2.
Apex Legends debuts new character Valkyrie for Season 9

Apex Legends next character Valkyrie has been revealed for Season 9, which features some big connections to Respawn’s prior game Titanfall 2.

Debuted in a cinematic trailer titled Stories from the Outlands - Northstar, Valkyrie will arrive as part of Season 9 beginning on 4th May. Interestingly, Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper — an antagonist in Titanfall 2 who ripped off BT’s left arm before he died.

There’s other Titanfall connections too, with Valkyrie on a revenge mission against Titanfall character Kuban Blisk who she believes is responsible for her father’s death.

While her abilities haven’t been officially confirmed, they have been datamined prior to this trailer — so it’s expected she’ll have a jetpack of sorts and a cluster missile. 


Valkyrie abilities 

  • VTOL Jets (passive) - hold jump to initiate VTOL Jets, hovers in the air
  • Cluster Missile (tactical) - fire a rocket that explodes multiple times
  • Skyward (ultimate) - Press once to prepare for launch. Teammates can interact with Valk to join the launch. Press again to launch into the air and skydive. 

Season 9 will also see a new weapon in the Bockek Bow, described as “capable of inflicting tremendous damage at medium range”. 

The bigger question might be whether future Apex Legends characters will lean further into Titanfall lore, which might stir hopes Titanfall 3 will, eventually, be made reality. 

Apex Legends Season 9 kicks off on 4th May.