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Apex Legends Glitch Causes Lifeline To Negate Storm Damage

Here's the breakdown of a recently discovered glitch in Apex Legends that causes Lifeline to negate storm damage.
Apex Legends Glitch Causes Lifeline To Negate Storm Damage

Respawn Entertainment's popular live service battle royale game, Apex Legends, is one of the most successful games on the market, but that doesn't mean it's immune to issues and bugs. This is most evident in the recent glitches that have afflicted the game.

We now have evidence of another one that is causing a bitter-sweet effect for players, that is causing Lifeline to negate damage when entering the Storm. So let's take a look at the details surrounding the discovery of this glitch and its possible effects on the game's enjoyment.

Apex Legends Glitch Causes Lifeline To Negate Storm Damage

Apex Legends Glitch Causes Lifeline To Negate Storm Damage D.O.C drone part of glitch
This strange glitch caused Lifeline to negate damage when using the D.O.C drone and entering the storm. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

A player took to Reddit recently, with a curious bug that they encountered while playing as Lifeline, exiting the safe area and heading into the storm. Instead of taking the usual amount of damage you would incur when entering it, the player seemed to repeatedly heal, all while being nowhere near Lifelines D.O.C drone.

The clip shows the player making their way through the storm and being reduced to half health, from there they put up the heat shield and deploy their healing drone. After healing and looting a death box, the player runs back into the storm and out of the heat shield where they should be taking damage, but instead, it appears as though they aren't.

Upon further inspection, it's clear that they are taking damage, but due to a strange glitch causing them to continuously heal, it negates the damage done by the storm, resulting in the player receiving no damage taken. A positive glitch no doubt, since losing health might have been a hindrance, but still, this is an issue that might cause more trouble down the line if left uninvestigated.

Some players speculate that this is due to the Lifeline's drone glitching out and the healing mechanic is somehow still being applied to her even though she's not within its radius. This is a common occurrence for Lifeline as her drone tends to glitch out in various other instances.

Apex Legends Glitch Lifeline
We are hopeful this glitch and others get fixed to provide casual and pro players with a more consistent gaming experience. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

While it's true that all games have their bugs and glitches, Apex Legends has some that can affect players who are playing on a more competitive and professional level. So we are hoping that issues like this, even when they result in a positive outcome, are addressed and fixed to provide a fair and consistent gameplay experience for all.

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Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.