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Jake Lucky Banned By EA - Shared Apex Pro Dilly Perma DQ Story

Jake Lucky has now been banned by EA after he shared the story regarding Apex Legends pro Dilly being banned for teabagging.
Jake Lucky Banned By EA - Shared Apex Pro Dilly Perma DQ Story

One of the more eyebrow-raising stories in recent Apex Legends news involved more high-profile bans from EA. These seem to be occuring more frequently, however, this one was different from most.

The news first broke when Apex Legends pro, Dilly, was banned by EA for teabagging...his teammate. This led to much controversy and many questions surrounding EA's banning process. One of the higher-profile voices that questioned the ban was none of ther than Jake Lucky, a popular gaming/esports content creator. Though what came next was completely out of left field. Here's everything you need to know after Jake Lucky was banned by EA for sharing Apex Legends pro Dilly's ban story.

Apex Legends pro Dilly banned from Fate Legion

Dilly permaban Apex Legends
Apex Legends pro Dilly was recently banned by EA. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment / EA)

In a recent live Fate Legon tourament, Apex Legends player Dilly jokingly teabagged his teammate. EA moved to diqualify Dilly and his entire team from the competition and also banned them from joining any future Fate Legion tournaments indefinitely.

While this was already a very controversial ban, it has now created a domino effect with even more questionable bans as a result. Follow along to find out why Jake Lucky is now banned as well.

Jake Lucky banned from future Legion events

Jake Lucky banned from future Legion events
Jake Lucky has also now been banned from future Legion events. (Picture: Jake Lucky)

Popular gaming/esports content creator, Jake Lucky, shared the story of Dilly being banned from Fate Legion events following the teabagging incident. Then in a shocking twist, Jake was also banned from future Legion events as it has been alleged that he broke EA rules. Check out the tweet below where Jake announced his recent ban.

That's everything we know about this ongoing story as of writing. We'll be sure to update you should there be any further breaking developments.

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Featured image courtesy of Jake Lucky.