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Apex Legends
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NRG Lulu’s Throwdown Apex Legends: How to watch, participants and more

The NRG content creator is hosting and running the Apex Legends event and here’s everything you need to know.

NRG’s very own Lindsey "LuluLuvely" will be running the second Lulu’s Throwdown ever featuring Apex Legends and the Legacy season.

There’s huge prize pool money, bragging rights and potential household-name-making performances on the line in both Battle Royale and Arenas format.

From team captains to how to watch, here’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Legacy Lulu’s Throwdown streams.

Apex Legends Lulu’s Throwdown dates

The Apex Legends Lulu’s Throwdown will run through the 13th and 14th May 2021.

lulus throwdown 2 apex legends

(Picture: @LuluLuvely/Twitter)

Apex Legends Lulu’s Throwdown: How to watch

The Apex Legends Lulu’s Throwdown will be streamed on Twitch in the Lulu’s Throwdown event’s dedicated channel.

Apex Legends Lulu’s Throwdown team captains

The Apex Legends Lulu’s Throwdown will have team captains drafting players. Each team will have to have one female gamer, one former pro or current pro gamer and one content creator.

Also, the teams are only allowed to have one player that has ever been a finalist in any official EA tournament per team.

Here’s the full list of team captains:

  • ImperialHal
  • Deridium
  • WeThePeople1
  • SZ_Taisheen
  • Cau7ioN
  • NokokoPuffs
  • HisandHersLive
  • Euriece
  • HollowFPS
  • ShivFPS
  • Janey
  • Princess
  • VioletLex
  • Babynikki
  • VickyPalami
  • Mulvana
  • NessPhace
  • Sabz_Bear
  • Ninjayla
  • Latinkatt

lulus throwdown 2 apex legends(Picture: @LuluLuvely/Twitter)

Apex Legends Lulu’s Throwdown prize pool

The Apex Legends Lulu’s Throwdown will have a total prize pool of $100,000 USD. The distribution hasn’t been made public and will be revealed as the stream progresses.

Make sure to catch the event and not miss the epic showdowns by following the Lulu’s Throwdown Twitch channel linked below.