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Apex Legends micro-stuttering at high FPS to be fixed in next patch, dev reveals

You will finally be able to play the game above 190 FPS.
Apex Legends micro-stuttering at high FPS to be fixed in next patch, dev reveals

Apex Legends' problem with micro-stuttering when the game runs above 190 frames per second should be fixed in the next patch according to a developer.

It has been known for quite some time that Apex Legends has a problem when it comes to extremely high FPS numbers. The issue stems from a bug within the game's engine, which causes the game to start stuttering when achieving high frames per second.

how to fix Apex Legends stuttering(Picture: EA)

While there is no universal consensus at which point the game starts to stutter, most players agree that the issue starts showing once the game runs at around 180-190 frames per second, though some players report micro-stutters even at 144 FPS.

The issue isn't hardware-related and it will appear no matter how strong is your PC, or which graphics card you have, as the problem comes from the game itself.

Apex Legends micro-stuttering fix

Apex Legends micro-stuttering fix(Picture: EA)

To cite DJ Khaled, if you are "suffering from success" because you are having a beast of a gaming PC and Apex Legends stutters due to the aforementioned issue, we have good news for you.

Apex Legends' lead software engineer Samy "ricklesauceur" Duc confirmed that this issue should finally be fixed with the upcoming Apex Legends update.

"Should be gone after next patch. Do not hesitate to let me know," Samy answered to a post discussing the FPS issue on the Competitive Apex subreddit.

While the issue is not hugely problematic, the micro-stuttering can be really annoying, especially for competitive games where every moment counts and laser precision is crucial.

Players with high-end PCs usually opt to play with as many frames per second as possible, as it allows for maximum precision and faster input times, but in this case, it is actually counterproductive to go for maximum FPS, as the micro-stutters problem will negatively affect your experience.

Until the issue is being fixed, we strongly recommend limiting your FPS to 144.