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Apex Legends
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How to get Apex Legends Revenant Sakura Steel skin for free

Our step-by-step guide to claiming the free Apex Legends Revenant Sakura Steel skin, exclusive to Amazon Prime Gaming.
While there's a whole lot to love about Apex Legends Season 9, and a Collection Event likely coming up at the end of June, there's always room for some free stuff, right? That's where a new, exclusive Apex Legends skin for the Legend Revenant comes into play. It is called the Sakura Steel, and while it is exclusive to Amazon Prime Gaming members, there's a way you can claim it for free.

How to get Revenant Sakura Steel for free

While you do need an active Amazon Prime membership that is linked to a Twitch account, there's a way of getting the exclusive skin without opening your wallet.

Revenant Sakura Steel skin free apex legends amazon prime gaming guide(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Simply follow the steps below to get the Revenant Sakura Steel skin in Apex Legends for free.

  • Head to the Prime Gaming website and click on "Try Free".
  • Link your Amazon Prime membership to your Twitch account if you haven't already.
  • Link your EA account and Prime Gaming account here. You can also link your console's account if you play on Xbox, Switch or PlayStation.
  • Head on over to this page and click on Claim underneath the Adrenaline Affliction skin.
  • Launch or restart Apex Legends and your new skin will be ready for use.

If you don't wait to remain an Amazon Prime member and pay for a subscription, which includes Prime Gaming, just remember to cancel it within seven days. Don't worry though, as your Sakura Steel skin for Revenant will remain on your Apex Legends account.

Revenant Sakura Steel skin free apex legends amazon prime gaming guide(Picture: Prime Gaming)

You have until 13th July 2021 to claim the Sakura Steel skin for free, before a new one arrives. If you act quickly, before 21st June, you can still get the Valkyrie Punk Rocket skin for free in Apex Legends as well, following the same steps as mentioned above.

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