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Apex Legends has been teasing news on Twitter lately

Something probably related to Revenant, Apex Legends latest addition, will be shown today in a new Outlands series video called Legacy of a Thief.
Apex Legends has been teasing news on Twitter lately

If you follow Apex Legends Twitter, you might have noticed lately that something has been cooking for some time.

Several mysterious teaser Tweets are leading to a new animated short that we'll see later today.

In the first one, we see a set of emails, a conversation between two Hammond Robotics employees. They talk about Revenant and they simply don't know what to do with him. He is an unstoppable murderous machine who even killed the guy who was supposed to be a new Legend this season.

Sticky notes on the screen suggest that someone is researching everything they can find about Revenant. People strongly think that this is a daughter from the couple Revenant killed in the restaurant scene. Theories and leaks suggest that she might be Loba, next Apex Legend.

Another mysterious Tweet talks about Simulacrum, and what they are. As is explained in GIF, they are something between Cyborgs and Androids, neither human, neither full robot, but they "see them as human," which again suggest that this is about Revenant and that he is Simulacrum. This also again leads to conclusion that someone is researching about him and trying to find out how to stop him or even kill him


Whatever is behind this teasers, we will find out tonight, in the new animated short from the Outlands series, called Legacy of a Thief. Even the name of the short suggests that it is something related to that girl, a daughter of the murdered couple Marcos and Alanza Andrade, who were thieves. That even happened a long time ago, and the girl, who is possible behind the name Loba, is now completely grownup.

Follow us closely, as we will update you with more news later today after the release of the animated short.