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Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: All legends buff and nerfs

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence is here and you probably want to know what balance changes has your favourite legend undergone? Check out all the legends buff and nerfs in Apex Legends Season 10.
Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: All legends buff and nerfs

Apex Legends Season 10 has arrived, and the Emergence has a lot of fresh content to offer for players to enjoy this August.

From the mysterious new legend, Seer, to the powerful new LGM, Rampage, and several drastic changes introduced to the World's Edge map, there's a lot to digest in Season 10.

There's no doubt that all of the new additions will shake up the meta, but as always, the biggest shift in the meta comes from balance change.

Season 10 is bringing some major weapon buffs and nerfs, but what about legends?

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: All legends buff and nerfs
(Picture: EA)

Respawn Entertainment has decided to show some love for previously heavily nerfed legends, as it seems that they were hit a bit too hard for them to remain viable.

Caustic's Gas damage will again be scalable, but now its damage increases by 1 every other tick, instead of every tick.

Horizon has been drastically nerfed with the Season 9 Legacy update, and now Respawn is making a few tweaks in order for her abilities to be faster than they currently are.

Fuse still underperforms across the board, and with this update, Respawn introduces a few buffs for him, but they point out that their idea is to make his abilities stronger as utilities, not as damage dealers.

Check out below all legends balance changes in Season 10.

Apex Legends Season 10 legends buff and nerfs

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: All legends buff and nerfs
(Picture: EA)


  • Enemies caught inside the ring of fire from Fuse's Motherlode ultimate are now revealed to Fuse's team.
  • Knuckle Cluster Tactical explosion duration increased by 100%.
  • Grenadier Passive can be toggled on and off to throw ordnance normally.

Dev Note: Fuse continues to struggle. We identified two opportunities to help him that weren't just "give him more damage.” We believe Apex is a gun game first and foremost and therefore want to make sure we don't put too much damage into character abilities.

The first opportunity we identified was his tactical. While meant as a persistent area denial tool, it currently does not last long enough to seriously inconvenience an enemy. We doubled the duration so you can now place one at a door and be reasonably sure no one's coming through that door for a little while. While we doubled the duration, the damage per second remains the same. Please don’t stand in the fire.

Secondly, his ultimate often didn't give his team an advantage; sure, you may catch enemies within it, but the flames made it impossible for you to step inside, and you couldn't see the enemies you trapped either because the flames were in the way. We explored a few ways to deal with this but ended up going for the most straightforward answer: you get enemy outlines as long as they stay inside the ring of fire.


  • Reduced the slow after the initial Black Hole pull.
  • Bumped Horizon gravity lift-up speed to a happy medium between 9.1 and Legacy update launch values. 

Dev note: There’s no doubt the nerfs Horizon received with Legacy were necessary, but given the benefit of time and hindsight we decided we probably hit the speed of her tactical too hard. Instead of completely reverting that part of the nerf, we found a happy medium between how fast her gravity lift operated at release and how slow it was after the nerf. This one's hard to communicate with numbers, so just give her a try and tell us what you think.


  • There’s now a visual and audio cue when Death Totem protection is about to end which can be seen/heard by other players.
  • Added a brief slow after being recalled to Death Totem.


  • Gas damage starts at 5, increases by 1 every other tick indefinitely.
  • The cooldown on Tactical has been reduced 25s -> 20s.
  • Ultimate cooldown has been reduced by 3.5m -> 3m. Duration reduced from 20s -> 15s.

Dev note:

Caustic is a dangerous character to buff. Push him a little too far, and he quickly takes over the meta. Constantly fighting through gas is no fun, so we definitely want to avoid him becoming dominant once more. That said, we're now convinced the nerf that dropped his gas damage to a flat 5 damage went too far. When you can sit in gas and take a syringe or two and be fine, gas is not a scary enough deterrent. So we switched back to a scaling model. This time we decided to let the damage scale a little more slowly. Instead of going up by one every tick, we're increasing it by one every other tick. Damage is uncapped at the top here, but really that's very theoretical. Enemies will generally be dead around the time the gas reaches 11 damage per tick (unless you've been healing). The desired effect here is to make enemies feel a great urgency to leave the gas as soon as possible.

At the same time, we wanted to be mindful specifically of Caustic's impact in late-game circles at the highest level. Even with Ring 6 now slowly closing over 100 seconds, we were worried about the effect that a single Caustic ult could have in the late game. We reduced its duration by 5 seconds. The ult represents Caustic's highest moment of power; his enemies have no way of countering it. 15 seconds is still a meaningful amount of time (and with the damage changes, 15s is long enough to kill someone) but it should hopefully make fighting a Caustic in the end game slightly less frustrating.

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