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Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors – All ranked changes

Apex Legends Season 13 brings plenty of important changes to the ranked experience of the FPS battle royale.
Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors – All ranked changes

Apex Legends season 13, called Saviors, will release with plenty of changes detailed in the patch notes. A new Legend, Newcastle, balance updates to both the main battle royale and Arenas and more.

For tryhard Apex Legends players, perhaps the most interesting and important modifications are those Respawn Entertainment made to the upcoming ranked experience. Season 13 will boast plenty of impactful changes, from the removal of RP Cap per kill to tier demotions added into the battle royale.

There's plenty to sink our teeth into, so let's break down the new Apex Legends ranked experience debuting with Season 13, Saviors.

Apex Legends Season 13 ranked changes

As explained in a detailed blog post by Respawn, ranked is set to undergo massive changes, looking to promote skilled players better and discipline those that might be struggling to keep their current rank.

Kill RP Cap removed and adjustments

The first major change is the removal of the RP gained per kill cap. Previously, players would reach a kill threshold that would prevent them from gaining any more RP.

Respawn decided to modify the value per kill to compensate, making them give out less RP initially, with their importance increasing the better placed you and your team are.

apex legends rp season 13
Apex Legends new Kill RP system. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Tier Demotions

New to Apex Legends is the tier demotion system. Players will now have to make sure to perform at a higher level the better their rank is.

  • Tier Demotion Protection available up to 3 games lost after promotion into a higher tier
  • Players can demote out of a tier, halfway down to the previous division. (Masters → 50% of Diamond 1)
  • 100 RP Tier Promotion Bonus

Entry Cost Adjustments

With tier demotions and Kill RP changes, the entry RP cost per rank has also seen some tuning. The biggest one is that Bronze, a previously free rank that ensured dedicated Apex Legends players eventually climbed out of, now has a cost. 

Replacing it as an introductory tier is Rookie, which is designed to ease new players into the ranked experience.

New RP costs per division in Apex Legends ranked. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Worth mentioning that Masters+ entry costs further increase with total RP (5 RP every 1000 RP beyond Master Threshold up to 175 RP).

Finally, with the new price adjustments, kill tier differences have been softened. In essence, if you have a better ranking than a player you kill, you'll get slightly less RP.

Here's the full breakdown.

kill tiers
New Kill Tier Differences in Apex Legends Season 13. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

RP Thresholds

RP thresholds for all tiers and division were adjusted. The length of each division is increased by 200RP

3rd Party Kill Stealing Fix

Players that hate getting "third-partied" will love this massive change. Now, teams that wipe an enemy team that had previously partially downed another squad won't get those kills granted to them.

Instead, those kills will become void with no squad getting RP benefits. 

Assist Rules

Finally, two changes to how assists work will go live with season 13.

  • Assist Timer: 10 seconds → 15 seconds 
  • Assist Timers are refreshed upon player’s revival


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Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.