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Apex legends ranked console lobby invaded by PC cheater

Cheating ruins the fun for these players as an Apex Legends ranked console lobby was invaded by a PC cheater and here are the details.
Apex legends ranked console lobby invaded by PC cheater

Apex Legends has always been plagued with players who use cheats to unfairly wipe out the opposing teams and climb the ranks at an almost impossible pace. Cheating usually takes place in PC lobbies, but one player decided to take their antics to a new level by invading a console lobby and causing some annoyance, confusion, and especially laughter.

Here are all the details you need to know about the Apex Legends ranked console lobby invasion by a PC cheater that has us hoping Respawn cracks down on these players, to make the game consistently fair and fun for any players hoping to enjoy Apex.

Apex Legends ranked console lobby invaded by PC cheaters

Apex legends Console lobby invaded by cheater map Kings Canyon twitter video
The map Kings Canyon was the location for the invasion of a console lobby by a PC player using cheats. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Yesterday, FNATIC content creator Revengeful posted a tweet showing a clip of a player who glitched into the game while they were playing Kings Canyon and their gameplay looked "suspicious" to say the least. The player was going solo and was able to wipe out Revengeful’s team a little too easily, causing him and his teammates to call the player out as a cheater.

Revengeful and his team were taken aback by this player and continued to watch his gameplay while spectating the game after being taken out. They then began to point out his ridiculous abilities that only PC players would have, saying: “he’s cheating, he’s cheating.” But even then, the player was pulling moves that even players on PC would find impossible to do successfully.

From there they continued to watch and simply laughed at the ludicrous ways this player was performing. Revengeful even said ironically: “Oh my god bro, he’s just beaming bro” as he laughed at the blatant cheating they were witnessing. The player was even slightly glitching out when he entered the game and was able to take out Revengeful in almost the blink of an eye, which was the experience for most of his team as well.

Apex legends console lobby invaded by PC player using cheats footage twitter gameplay player using cheats
Footage from the tweet posted Revengeful showcasing the players unrealistic performance when playing in a console lobby of Apex Legends. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

While this can be funny to laugh at and just marvel at the ludicrous thinking that this player used to think that this was in any way validating to his experience. It's something we hope to see a lot less of in the future as the game continues to release more content in newer seasons. We love Apex, but we hate cheaters, and they ruin the experience of the game for everyone, and we hope Respawn recognizes this as well.


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Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.