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Apex Legends Season 13 Helmets buff

Helmets have been buffed to become more effective in Apex Legends Season 13 after the patch update brought changes to helmet mitigation.
Apex Legends Season 13 Helmets buff

Apex Legends Season 13 is just around the corner and the full patch notes were released in advance, including details on the helmet buffs. Fortified Legends was included in the list of changes, so headshot damage seems to have been a focal point for a handful of changes in Season 13.

Helmets in general have been a hot topic in Apex Legends for some time. It's hard to balance something that can drastically change with small incremental increases. Some players want headshot damage mitigated, while others want them to be as lethal as possible. Season 13 seems to lean towards mitigation.

Helmet buffs in Apex Legends Season 13

Apex Legends helmet tweet
Two helmet rarities will get a buff to defense. (Picture: Twitter / alphaINTEL)

Only two rarities of the group will be getting a helmet buff in Apex Legends Season 13. In total, there are four different rarities that players can find in a given match. The two that are getting a buff are Rare and Epic, or blue and purple respectively. Both the Common and Legendary helmets were left alone in this case.

For the blue or Rare helmet, there will be a 10% increase in the overall damage mitigation. This brings the total from 40% up to a 50% increase in the overall protection against headshots.

Purple or Epic helmets will get a more substantial buff with a total of 15%. This brings the helmet from an initial 50% all the way to 65% damage mitigated. Of course, that has some huge implications for fights as players get further into a match.

These changes are here to stay for the foreseeable future in Apex Legends Season 3, but the other helmets are unaffected by these changes. That means the most common helmets and the rarest will remain the same in terms of stats.

Changes to the Fortified Legends perk in Apex Legends Season 13

Apex Legends Season 13 map
Changes are on the way to perks and the map. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Beyond the damage mitigation changes on helmets, there was a change mentioned in the patch notes to Fortified Legends specifically. This perk reduces incoming damage from nearly all sources, and it also stops the effects of bullets slowing you down in a heated engagement.

In Season 13, the damage reduction will no longer apply to headshots when using the Fortified Legends perk. Bonuses will still be applied to the rest of the body as it was before, but the head is left out.

This could be a response to the buffs that the helmet, in general, received in the new season. It would make upgrades more accessible in terms of mitigation in a given match. But we'll all have to wait and see how this affects the meta.


That's all there is to know about the new helmet changes. For more on Season 13, head to the Apex Legends section of our site!

Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.