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Apex Legends to introduce 2FA to combat cheating

This feature should help get rid of many of the cheaters that plagued ranked.
Apex Legends to introduce 2FA to combat cheating

The battle against cheater's in online gaming can take many different forms, with even the most comprehensive systems coming under fire for the liberties they take to keep their game's cheat free.

Apex Legends as a widely popular and free-to-play game has had its own issues, with cheating become a persistent problem within all of the game's modes.

That could all be set to change though after professional players from Complexity discussed Respawn's plans to introduce two-factor authentication (2FA) to the game.


Apex Legends 2FA Apex Legends 2 factor authentification two factor authentification
Apex Legends, like so many games, has had an issue with cheaters. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)


During their 17th May stream, the players mentioned that during a playtest event the developers had mentioned the security feature was on the way.

"Yeah, they said they were going to come out with two-factor authentication," one can be heard saying.

Explaining how the system works, another player laid it out:

"You'll need to have a phone number connected to your account, once your account is banned you're not going to have an account to play ranked," the player said.

"Unless you go buy a phone, or sim swap.."

"None of these f**king loser's are gonna do that," chimes in the first player.

"It's going to help a lot, it's gonna help a lot with the casual cheaters, not the hardcore turds."



The discussion then moves on to the current anti-cheat system, or lack thereof, with one player stating he doesn't think they catch "anybody" currently.

"All their bans are done manually," he can be heard saying.

2FA authentication will be a welcome addition to Apex Legends but when exactly it will be released is not yet clear - season five - a major update which saw a new legend in Loba enter the game, was released last week, with no sign of the feature.

Though anyone thinking 2FA is the end of cheating in Apex Legends better recalibrate their expectations, CS:GO has a similar feature for their ranked system and it cheating is still a persistent problem within the game.