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Apex Legends Broken Moon Map POIs

All the new POIs of the new Broken Moon Map coming to Apex Legends for the launch of Season 15.
Apex Legends Broken Moon Map POIs

Broken Moon is the latest map to come to the action-packed first-person shooter Apex Legends. Set on the terraformed moon of Cleo, the map is packed with tons of features for players to enjoy, such as the new Zip Rails and the newly revamped POIs (Points of Interest) for players to explore as they enter into Season 15

If you're eager to jump into this new map and want to know what you can expect from the new POIs available to explore and master, then keep reading. As below, we will be taking an in-depth look at each new POI available in Apex Legends' new Broken Moon map. 

Apex Legends - All Broken Moon Map POIs

Based on information from the developer's official notes, Broken Moon will have 14 points of interest spread across a variety of landscapes. From rocky deserts with research bases to lovely gardens with trees and flowers. 

Additionally, several large structures are scattered throughout the map that can act as excellent strong points for teams, though flanking is still possible. The complete list of POIs in Broken Moon has been broken down below:


Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Terraformer
The Broken Moon Terraformer POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The Terraformer is a massive, symmetrical structure that is located off-center of the map and was built to keep the moon from dying. With loot scattered throughout, it is a "king-of-the-hill" drop location that can accommodate up to 4 teams with cozy landing areas. 

There are ways to infiltrate and depose the team in power, but the central position of power can be used to defend effectively from within the walls.

Stasis Net Array

Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Stasis Net Array
The Broken Moon Stasis Net Array POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The Stasis Net Array area, a completely asymmetrical area with a central honeypot of loot, offers many opportunities to flee and flank the main structure—or retreat and move the fight elsewhere. The particle beam emitted from this point prevents the moon and any floating moon debris from colliding with Boreas.

Atmostation and Backup Atmo

Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Atmostation and Backup Atmo
The Broken Moon Atmostation and Backup Atmo POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The Atmostations have developed a breathable atmosphere on Cleo over time. Players can land in the research buildings on the left and right to loot and attack the main tower structure. Use the Zip Rails to the top or cross the narrow bridge. If it gets too hot elsewhere, a location like the water silos nearby may be safer.

Perpetual Core

Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Perpetual Core
The Broken Moon Perpetual Core POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

This enormous region can accommodate large battles and numerous landings because it is the only source of power on the moon. The main source of power in this place is the Core itself, but it is also easily vulnerable to attack. The lift from the turbine below and the Zip Rails in the vicinity can provide special escape routes.


Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Bionomics
The Broken Moon Bionomics POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Bionomics is a densely packed collection of circular structures with playable rooftops that offers a lot of opportunities for vertical flanking as well as covert healing locations. Some experimental regrowth still resides in the abandoned area, which was once a research facility constructed to study unusual fauna.

The Divide

Apex Legends Broken Moon POI The Divide
The Broken Moon Divide POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The Divide is a collection of bridge-separated, Zip Rail-connected vertical houses filled with loot. It was one of the first settlements on Cleo, but it was divided because the moon's instability persisted. In this fast-moving, exhilarating environment, mastery of the Zip Rails can result in an immediate victory.

Alpha Base

Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Alpha Base
The Broken Moon Alpha Base POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The first moon landing took place at Alpha Base, whose cramped lunar structures are located inside a sizable moon crater. The fights are kept within the exterior walls, and the cramped interior spaces demand a significant commitment.

Eternal Gardens

Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Eternal Gardens
The Broken Moon Eternal Gardens POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Eternal Gardens is a large open area that serves as a memorial to the tragic event on Boreas. It is home to a wide field of flowers and trenches. The only Jump Tower on the moon is located in its central tower. It is intended to be a way to celebrate, but it is also a cunning way to move to a different zone or reposition for a fight.

Breaker Wharf

Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Breaker Wharf
The Broken Moon Breaker Wharf POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The parallel structures at Breaker Wharf are a symmetrical space designed for mid-range combat and connected by a bridge and Zip Rail. It is packed with multiple layers of verticality and the ability to reposition between them. It is also a simple way to rotate to another POI because it is surrounded by additional Zip Rails.

Production Yard

Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Production Yard
The Broken Moon Production Yard POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Another substantial location on the map is the Production Yard, which has a bullseye landing pad and two adjacent landings along its length. Here, there is a large honeypot to fight over, as well as a lot of loot hidden within the corridors.

The Foundry

Apex Legends Broken Moon POI The Foundry
The Broken Moon Foundry POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

This large POI has a divided central hub that is split by two long arms filled with loot and landing spots for four teams. The Foundry's integrated Zip Rails allow players to quickly travel across to the main hub or reposition for a fight. This is where ferrofluid is refined and used to patch up damaged areas of the moon.

Dry Gluch

Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Dry Gulch
The Broken Moon Dry Gulch POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

This completely asymmetrical location is divided by a short bridge that also serves as a funnel for rotation between Dry Gulch's two halves. The Gulch has fast, multilayered fights with densely packed interiors.


Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Cultivation
The Broken Moon Cultivation POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Cultivation, the source of all moon food, is a low-lying collection of circular greenhouses connected to a large central greenhouse: the seat of power in this location. The waterways cutting through this zone are easily defendable on all sides and provide sneaky routes to loot and assault the main structure undetected.


Apex Legends Broken Moon POI Promenades
The Broken Moon Promenades POI. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The Promenades is where the majority of moon dwellers live and get their supplies. This massively visible vertical landmark is a focused hallway fight with Zip Rails throughout. The interior is pocketed by flank routes, while the exterior is the main central funnel connecting the north and south of the map.

That's been our full breakdown of every new and revamped POI in the new Broke Moon map coming to Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse. And we hope to see you all zip-lining across Broken Moon on the 1st November. 

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All featured images are courtesy of Electronic Arts.