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Apex Legends Season 15 - Start Date & Details

Season 15 is right around the corner for Apex Legends. As Season 14 fizzles out, get all of the upcoming details here.
Apex Legends Season 15 - Start Date & Details

There is less than a month left in the current season and Apex Legends Season 15 is on the way with many of the usual additions that players can expect. We can expect a new Legend, plenty of map changes, and a plethora of additional themed content to keep everyone coming back for more.

As we get closer to the official start date, Respawn Entertainment will undoubtedly provide a full rundown of everything in Apex Legends Season 15. In the meantime, there are details floating around and a solid start date. Keep reading through our guide to get the full scoop.

Apex Legends Season 15 Release Date and Name

Out of all the current information on the next season of Apex Legends, the name and the release date seem to be the most consistent. First and foremost, we can always get the starting date by looking at the end date on the current season. For the Season 14 Battle Pass, players will have until the end of October to get all of their rewards for the time being.

That opens up the window for Apex Legends Season 15 to begin on November 1, 2022. The time itself still hasn't been announced, but the game will likely need a patch and some maintenance before the season goes live. That means something like a 5 am ET start time, but that's still up in the air.

As for the name of the new season, Tom Henderson confirmed the leaks he had heard on his own Twitter. Not only did he confirm a date of November 1, but he claimed the new season would be called Eclipse.

The New Map in Apex Legends Season 15

Keeping up with the Eclipse theme that was leaked, the new map will supposedly take place on a moon. This map, which may be called Divided Moon, will be located on the moon of Boreas specifically. 

In the comics for Apex Legens, Seer has intentions of boosting Boreas with Apex and he was dropped from a meteor in the games. If anyone is primed to tie into the Eclipse season, it's certainly Seer.

Based on leaks so far, there will be a mix of new structures, buildings from Storm Point, and some inspiration from Olympus. Considering we're all the way up to Season 15, the latest map is primed to have one of the craziest mixes of map elements.

The New Legend for Apex Legends Season 15

In the past, there were leaks for many of the upcoming Legends that players could expect in the battle royale. Based on the current leaks and the community rumors, Catalyst seems like the best bet for a new character to choose.

Her leaks indicate that she is a builder-based Legend that can creat structures at will using a Ferrofluid. In theory, she can create platforms and walls depending on the type of ability chosen. But the extent of that remains to be seen.

For more on the popular battle royale, head to our section dedicated to the latest Apex Legends news, guides, tips, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts.