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Apex Legends Conduit: Confirmed Abilities and Voice Actor Information

Conduit is coming to Apex Legends in Season 19; here's her lore and abilities.
Apex Legends Conduit: Confirmed Abilities and Voice Actor Information

After months of leaks and confusion about whether she will be added to the game, Conduit has now been finally revealed by Respawn.

The developer describes the new hero (played by voice actor Frankie Kevich) as a "tiny titan of optimism". Conduit will be joining the existing band of misfits as a part of Apex Legends' 19th Season - titled Ignite - due to launch on Tuesday, 31st October. For those wishing to know more, read on and we'll take a look at everything we know so far.

Latest News & Leaks

Just below we'll try to keep you updated on the latest news and leaks regarding Conduit:

26 October 2023 - Ignite Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Apex Legends: Ignite is just around the corner as EA and Respawn have unleashed a brand-new gameplay trailer showing Conduit's abilities in action.

The new season starts on October 31 and you can watch the new trailer, further down the page.

23 October 2023 - Ignite Launch Trailer Revealed

"Conduit pitches fellow Legends Mirage and Gibraltar on her ideas for the perfect introduction trailer. It's a huge dilemma, but luckily she's got support from her family, her squad, and her fully kitted Triple Take. Time To Shine with Conduit when Apex Legends: Ignite drops Oct 31st!"

You can view this trailer further down the page underneath Conduit's leaked abilities.

19 October 2023 - Conduit Revealed

Today, Respawn revealed Apex Legends: Ignite, and its newest LegendConduit

Inspired by the Monarch Titan that saved her life, as well as her sister’s dedication to taking care of the family, Conduit makes the ultimate sacrifice. By utilizing the irradiated remains of the Monarch’s battery, she trades her future health for the opportunity to provide for her family and rise to her legend.

Learn more about Conduit’s past and where her strength and dedication are derived from with the brand-new lore trailer (further down).

We'll see more of Conduit when the official Ignite Launch Trailer drops next week, on October 23.

8 October 2023 - Apex Leaker Osvaldatore Reveals More Conduit Details

Looks like the Conduit leaks are starting to heat up.

Apex Legends Conduit Release Date

Conduit will be released alongside Season 19: Ignite, which kicks off on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

For an early look at what to expect, take a look at the launch trailer, just below:

Apex Legends Conduit Abilities

Like all other Legends, Conduit will feature a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability. Based on her powers, which give her extra speed, let her heal, and let her put up barriers, Conduit will likely be a highly mobile and rather defensive Legend.

You can read about her powers just below, but also get a better look at them in action on the gameplay trailer further down.

Passive Ability - “Savior’s Speed”

Conduit will gain a burst of speed when running towards a teammate out of Tactical range.

Tactical Ability - “Radiant Transfer”

Send a surge of energy to a teammate generating temporary shields for them and Conduit when in danger.

Ultimate Ability - “Energy Barricade”

Deploy an array of Shield jamming devices with damage and slow enemies.

Apex Legends: Conduit Lore

"On her rebuilt homeworld of Nexus, Rowenna Valentina Coffey Divina chose joy, her ever-present smile offering hope amidst the rubble of a government coup. There, the remnants of a fallen Monarch Titan became a symbol of sacrifice, inspiring heroic tales of Legends that Rowenna spun for her siblings. Her sense of humor would be her family’s shield against the harshness of reality, and a secret weapon in Rowenna’s own quest to be an Apex Legend.

But when tragedy struck her oldest sister Diwa, Rowenna took her family’s fate into her own hands. She snuck into the restricted battlefields, salvaging the Titan's radioactive battery. From it, Rowenna forged a combat rig, harnessing its lethal energy to fight in local tournaments. Every victory helped support her loved ones and brought her closer to becoming a Legend, but at a grave cost:

The battery’s fallout was slowly killing her.

It didn’t matter. To achieve her dream, it was a price Rowenna was ready to pay. Her success led neutral Nexus to its first invitation to the Apex Games, forcing a heated confrontation with Diwa, who recognized the armor’s fatal origin. But Rowenna had made her choice.

Now, as Conduit, she steps onto the battlefield. Equal parts fan and gladiator, fueled by the Monarch Titan's battery and her own quest to give her family a better life.

For Rowenna, an early death is inevitable, but right now–it’s Conduit’s chance for a day in the sun."