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Apex Legends Season 19 Release Date, Conduit Leaks, and More

Everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 19 - from the possible release date, to all those new Legend rumors surrounding Conduit.
Apex Legends Season 19 Release Date, Conduit Leaks, and More

We're making strong headway through Season 18 of Apex Legends, and while the fanbase is fairly happy with what Season 18 introduces, many are looking ahead as always, and this time, Season 19 of Apex Legends is on the horizon. But what can we expect from Season 19 of Apex Legends? when will it begin, and what rumors are floating around? 

Well, you won't have to wonder for much longer as this guide has you covered with the latest news on the release date, Legend details, and leaks/rumors surrounding Apex Legends Season 19. So without further delay, let's jump right in and see what we can expect from season 19 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 19 Release Date

We don't have an official release date for Season 19 of Apex Legends just yet, but we suspect that it will release on the 31st of October 2023, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT. This suspicion is based on the ongoing countdown displayed within the game for the existing battle pass, which aligns with the standard update schedule for Apex Legends. 

While this date has not yet been officially verified by Respawn, we hold the expectation that this will indeed be the launch date unless there are any unforeseen delays. The current season also concludes on October 30, and since this falls on a Monday—a non-standard update day for the game—it suggests that October 31 is a more likely candidate for the release of Season 19.

Apex Legends Season 19 Countdown
40 days, 03:29:27
Apex Legends Season 19 Release Date
Based on previous release cycles and the ending date of the current battle pass, we suspect that Season 19 will begin on the 31st October 2023. (Picture: EA)

Will Apex Legends Season 19 Have A New Legend

It appears that Conduit is potentially the new addition to the Legends roster in Apex Legends Season 19. This character's existence was leaked quite recently, though it's important to note that this information has not been officially confirmed, so it's advisable to approach it cautiously. According to these leaks, Conduit's tactical ability involves healing the shields of allies by sacrificing some of their own shields. Additionally, their ultimate ability is said to deploy an arc cluster bomb, which damages opponents' shields and partially replenishes Conduit's own shields based on the damage dealt.

Apex Legends Season 19 Possible new Legend Conduit
Recent leaks suggest the new Legend called Conduit will be joining the Legends as of Season 19. (Picture: YouTube / bobz)

The inclusion of Conduit seems plausible to many players, as there is currently a noticeable disparity between the larger number of Legends in the Assault and Skirmisher classes compared to the Recon, Support, and Controller classes, especially with the recent addition of Ballistic. Adding a character like Conduit would help to balance this discrepancy. However, it's essential to reiterate that this remains speculative until more concrete information is revealed.

Apex Legends Season 19 Leaks and Rumors

In terms of leaks, a similar stance is taken for the new Legend set to arrive in Season 19. Presently, there isn't substantial evidence available. Rumors have circulated about a forthcoming Battle Pass named "RagA," which is expected to feature fresh events, skins, and bonus rewards. This information comes from a reputable Apex Legends leaker, @HYPERMYSTx. Nevertheless, it's crucial to await definitive proof before forming definitive opinions about the content disclosed in these leaks.

In conclusion, this provides a glimpse into what to anticipate in Apex Legends Season 19. As the launch of the new season approaches, it's likely that Respawn Entertainment will unveil new trailers, along with additional leaks and more details. Therefore, keep an eye out for future updates by checking back here for the latest developments.