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Apex Legends' Conduit Officially Revealed

Conduit is Apex Legends' newest addition to the roster, coming in Season 19.
Apex Legends' Conduit Officially Revealed
(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends have long speculated about the arrival of a new leaked character called Conduit; many seasons have passed since that rumor started, with none coming to fruition. Some had given up hope that this character would ever be officially added to the game - however, it seems that this will finally change in Apex Legends: Season 19, as Respawn has revealed that the next Legend will be Conduit.

Apex Legends Season 19 Conduit Lore

conduit apex legends
Conduit is Apex Legends' newest character. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Conduit's real name is Rowenna, and her Stories From The Outlands episode gives players some hints as to her personality and backstory. Conduit was a child as the Frontier War raged on, but she and her family were saved by a Monarch Titan. (Like many other characters in Apex Legends, Conduit's lore draws from the Titanfall universe.) While they lived on, the entire area was covered in radiation.

Later, Conduit's sister got injured at work; no one else in the family worked, so no one could pay the bills. Conduit went back to the site where she and her family were saved by the Titan and touched the battery, not knowing that when she did, she'd be imbued with powerful new abilities. 

Conduit's family had always loved the Apex Games, leading her to participate in the games after discovering the effects of the radiation. Now, she'll appear as a playable Legend in Season 19.

You can check out her Stories From The Outlands episode below if you're curious to see for yourself:

Past what's shown in the video, little is known about Conduit's abilities thus far. However, leakers have tipped fans off to a few possible abilities for Conduit, which would allow her to not only heal ally shields but also create powerful walls that hinder and harm enemies.