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Apex Legends
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Devs reveal Apex Legends Arenas is getting loss forgiveness and AFK penalties

During the latest AMA session on Reddit, Apex Legends developers gave several interesting answers in regards to the newest Apex Legend mode - Arenas.

The Arenas mode in Apex Legend is just several weeks old, but players are already enthusiastic about the faster and more focused 3v3 mode.

Nonetheless, Arenas is still finding its feet as a game mode and therefore there's still a lot of work when it comes to balancing in order to make it an even more enjoyable experience and a proper competitive mode.

Players are currently concerned about several issues, mostly in regards to the mode's economy and balancing of some Legends which are underperforming in this mode due to their inherent design which isn't quite compatible with Arenas.

On 18th May, Respawn developers held an AMA session on Apex Legends subreddit, and a number of players were interested in Arenas, which has prompted developers to share a few interesting inside information on what can we expect for Arenas in the near future.

Loss forgiveness and leaver penalties are coming to Apex Legends Arenas

Loss forgiveness and leaver penalties are coming to Apex Legends Arenas
(Picture: EA)

One thing players were particularly interested in is when will Arenas get loss forgiveness and AFK penalties.

"Would you consider not ending a winning streak in arenas if a player disconnects from your team? It’s disheartening for me when I’m on a 5 or 6 win streak and I lose because both of my teammates DC," asked user Superderpygamermk1.

An Apex Legends developer that goes by the name "pinedsman" on Reddit immediately confirmed that they are working on loss forgiveness for Arenas and that's one of the features that can be expected to be added soon to the mode.

Reddit user J1mSock asked a similar question, but he wanted to know if players who leave the game early will get a penalty for that.

"Much like you, we hate when people leave early so we are definitely looking into leaver penalties and loss forgiveness for Arenas," pinedsman confirmed once again.

Loss forgiveness and leaver penalties are coming to Apex Legends Arenas new maps
(Picture: EA)

We can expect these features to be added in the upcoming weeks, but that's not the only thing Respawn is working on when it comes to Arenas.

Devs confirmed that they are looking closely at the balance of the economy, with the aim to make sure that there's no such thing as a must-buy weapon or some Legends that are always a better choice than others.

"We want you thinking about how to spend your crafting materials and weighing all your options when deciding how to tackle the round," dev RoboB0b wrote. "Anything that stands out as a must-buy or a never buy, I see as a problem. That means increasing or decreasing prices to make similar options more or less attractive."

The devs also confirmed that they have "a ton of ideas for future maps" and they want to explore both POI usage for Arenas (Skulltown and Estates), but also completely new custom maps, or even maps that use open fields from BR maps.

They can't yet confirm what will be the next new map for Arenas, but they confirmed the plan is that with each new season to add at least two new maps - one custom map and one POI from the existing BR maps.

If you are interested to find out more details about the future of Arenas and Apex Legends in general, check out the AMA session on Reddit.