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Dr Disrespect brands Apex Legends "boring" in hilarious rant

The Doc got fed up with the current Apex Legends meta and the high TTK the game currently boasts.
Dr Disrespect brands Apex Legends "boring" in hilarious rant

One of the most entertaining streamers in the world, Herschel "DrDisrespect" Beahm, went on a hilarious Apex Legends rant, criticizing the game's current meta and the high time-to-kill (TTK) the Respawn battle royale is known for. 

In his latest 28th July YouTube stream, the Doc complained about how Apex Legends' abilities make the game unintuitive and boring after he "cracked" two enemies (took down their shields) which wasn't enough to wipe them, eventually losing the fight. 

"There's nothing like cracking two and then having to sit there and f*cking watch them heal. It's why I don't like this game, it's boring," the Doc explained during his rant. 

"Shooting shields? I don't like it. A full spray and the f*cking clip is never enough to knock a guy. That's why no one wants to watch this game competitively," the Doc added, a sentiment many Apex pros have felt over the years as the last circle oftentimes ends up being a camp-fest with squads waiting to third-party one another. 

In true Doc fashion, he continued his tirade by claiming to get emotional to the point of tears. "I just don't know man, I wanna cry right now, I get so emotional... I'm literally crying right now because this game f*cking pisses me off!"

dr disrespect apex legends rant
(Picture: Dr Disrespect)

We feel your pain Doc, hopefully, you can bounce back from such a terrifying and traumatic experience that is playing ranked Apex Legends in the near future. 

If you don't want to end up like Dr Disrespect, check out our dedicated Apex Legends section filled with news, guides, tier lists, and more.