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Apex Legends 2023 Events Calendar: All Upcoming Events, Seasons

Here's what's next for Apex Legends in 2023, including a roadmap for each month.
Apex Legends 2023 Events Calendar: All Upcoming Events, Seasons
GINX / Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is always adding new updates, including new legends, maps, and more, with each new chapter. This leaves many fans wondering what's in store for the future of the game, and what they can expect to see. Here's our Apex Legends roadmap for all upcoming events and seasons in 2023, including what updates have already been added to the game this year.

Apex Legends 2023 Events Calendar

apex legends roadmap
Here's what Apex Legends developers have in store for fans for the rest of the year. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

February 2023 - Season 16 Begins

Season 15 came to an end in February 2023, kicking off Season 16. Season 16 included no new Legend, but instead introduced a Class System for the characters, splitting them up into their own categories.

Also, this month included: 

  • Apex Legends Anniversary Collection event
  • New weapon (Nemesis Burst AR)
  • New Mixtape queue

9 May 2023 - Season 17 Begins

Season 17 introduced a new legend known as Ballistic, lots of changes to World's Edge, a redone firing range, and more.

Also included in the updates this month were:

  • New Evac Tower item
  • New weapon mastery system

8 August 2023 - Season 18 Begins

Like Season 16, Season 18 didn't introduce a new legend - this time, though, Apex Legends instead reworked an existing Legend. They gave Revenant a ton of new abilities and reworked his existing ones, along with major changes to an iconic weapon, the Charge Rifle. 

It also includes the Harbingers Collection Event, featuring 24 limited-time items and Fuse's Heirloom.

All Upcoming Events In Apex Legends

Early October 2023 - Halloween Event

Apex never misses a chance to release a new Halloween-themed event and 2023 should be no different. It will likely begin in early October and last for the duration of the month. We doubt it will be too different from last year's 'Fight or Fright' event.

Update: Apparently the Apex Legends Halloween 2023 event has leaked, and is called Doppelgangers. More unofficial info is available on the link.

31 October 2023 - Season 19 Begins

31 October 2023 will mark the start of Season 19 for Apex Legends. While there's no confirmed new content for Season 19, some players have speculated as to what's to come for the game. Dataminer Osvaldatore suggested that the next Legend will be Conduit, who was allegedly a scrapped concept from several years ago.

A new map is released every four seasons, so players can expect a brand new map in Season 19, too! This chapter is sure to be a big one to help close out the year.

December 2023 - Christmas Collection Event

Like the Halloween event, Apex Legends normally releases some sort of Christmas collection event featuring festive skins and limited-time modes. Last year the event was known as the ‘Wintertide Collection Event’ and we imagine it will be fairly similar in 2023.

December 2023/January 2024 - Season 20 Begins

While Respawn Entertainment hasn't announced an official release date for Season 20, it'll likely fall towards the end of December given the release dates of past seasons. Of course, we won't rule out the possibility it slips into January 2024.

Could this season include a new legend, map, or a rework of existing content? Only time will tell where Respawn Entertainment will take this chapter, but 20 is a pretty big milestone, so it's sure to be a memorable season.

That's our roadmap of Apex Legends events in 2023, containing all known updates to the game and those we also expect to see in the future. We'll be sure to update this page as soon as any more Apex Legends updates are announced or released!