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Fans Respond Positively to the New Apex Legends Solos Mode

Solos mode makes a triumphant return to Apex Legends, and fans are loving it. Here's what you need to know.
Fans Respond Positively to the New Apex Legends Solos Mode

With the debut of Apex Legends Season 21, players are having a blast with the new addition to the roster, Legend Alter, as well as the reintroduction of solos mode. Initially met with speculation, both additions have proven to be a hit among the community. The solos mode offers a fresh way to experience the game, with many players hailing it as the most enjoyable experience since the game's inception.

For those curious about the fan response to the solos mode and its potential future in the game, read on. We'll delve into the current positive reception and what lies ahead for this exciting addition to Apex Legends Season 21.

Fans Embrace the Return of The Apex Legends Solos Mode

Since its launch on May 7th, Season 21 has introduced players to the return of the solos mode in Apex Legends, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Users across the Apex Legends subreddit have commended the mode for injecting new excitement into the battle royale shooter.

Some have gone so far as to declare it "the most fun I’ve had in Apex since launch." Another player expressed, "I’m thoroughly enjoying solos mode. As a solo player, I never really engaged in duos. While some matches can be challenging, overall, it's a refreshing experience, and the re-queue feature is a fantastic quality-of-life improvement."

Of course, with any game mode added to a game as active and expansive as Apex Legends, there are inevitably some dissenting voices. One player lamented, "I wish solos didn't replace Duos, as that's what my friend and I usually play together. Nonetheless, this game mode is incredibly fun." In response, developers explained that maintaining three game modes simultaneously makes matchmaking more challenging due to the divided player base, suggesting that this arrangement is likely to persist for now.

Apex Legends Solos Mode Gets Positive Feedback And future posibiliites
While the mode has received slight criticism, the majority of players are extremely happy with its return in Season 21. (Picture: EA)

Another minor grievance is the perceived imbalance in matchmaking, with some players frustrated by facing opponents of significantly higher skill levels. "It would be more enjoyable if I faced opponents at my skill level. My KD is 1.5, yet I find myself competing against players with KDs in the hundreds and top 300 predators every game," voiced one player.

Despite these drawbacks, it's evident that the mode has resonated with players, and developers are taking note. With some adjustments, we can anticipate the return of Solos mode in future seasons, perhaps even as a permanent fixture in Apex Legends.