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FaZe Swagg goes viral on TikTok after embarrassing Apex Legends clip

FaZe Swagg went viral for the wrong reasons when he tried out Apex Legends.
FaZe Swagg goes viral on TikTok after embarrassing Apex Legends clip

As of late, more and more high-profile streamers have grown tired of Call of Duty: Warzone and made the choice to swap over to Apex Legends

One of Warzone’s biggest streamers, Nick “NICKMERCs” Kolcheff even went so far as to say he’s not playing or uploading it at all. This is a huge change of scenery for most of these streamers, as almost all of them have exclusively played Warzone for the past year and a half. 

However, the grass always seems greener on the other side. At least, that’s what FaZe member Kris “Swagg” Lamberson thought when he decided to hop on EA and Respawn Entertainment's take on to the battle royale. This didn’t end too well for Swagg, though, as he ended up going viral for struggling mightily at the game while live on Twitch. 

Swagg rages at Apex Legends after dying 

FaZe Swagg Apex Legends
FaZe Swagg has played Warzone since its release. (Picture: Swagg)

The clip took place in a recent stream of Swagg’s. Like a lot of other streamers, he wanted to give Apex Legends a chance during this tumultuous period for Warzone. However, this didn’t end up paying off for the FaZe member. He didn’t seem like he was enjoying the game and made multiple mistakes along the way. 

Of course, that’s to be expected from a new player. Although, Swagg seemed to blame his teammates and the elements of the game more than himself. A recent Twitch clip went viral on TikTok thanks to Swagg doing just that. 

In the clip, Swagg attempts to climb up a ladder that can only be accessed by a grapple or other means. After he finally makes it up, he starts shooting at his downed teammate on the ground before being laughed at and realizing that it wasn’t an enemy. To cap it all off, Swagg then dies to the enemy he thought he was shooting at. 

This, by itself, wouldn’t be too bad. However, after he died, Swagg blamed the guns he was using, one of which was an R99 SMG, and his teammates for laughing at him. Many fans took exception to this, as Swagg could have killed the enemy he was facing if he hit most of his shots. 

Swagg Apex Legends tiktok
Swagg is an accomplished Warzone player using a controller. (Picture: FaZe)

Like many other Warzone players, though, Swagg is used to weapons that have little to no recoil. These weapons have loadouts attached to them that are considered overpowered and feature no recoil with high damage. Conversely, in Apex Legends, players have to find better attachments for their guns through random luck. This makes weapons without those attachments much harder to use. 

Perhaps FaZe Swagg will improve at Apex Legends with some practice or teaming up with some other friends, like NICKMERCs. However, after his first time playing Apex, he might not come back to the game and return to where’s he comfortable on Verdansk.