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Who is NICKMERCS? The King of Warzone, esports pro and career

Who is NICKMERCS? How did Nick Kolcheff get started? If you've got questions about the famous Call of Duty content creator, we've got the answers.
Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff is one of the biggest Call of Duty content creators out there, with a mammoth YouTube channel. He's also one of the top streamers in the business. 

You've probably seen him mentioned quite a lot in our articles, as he offers some fantastic gun guides. If you want to get to know NICKMERCS better, we've got you covered with details on the content creator, including how his career got started, 100 Thieves drama, the Ninja incident and much more.

NICKMERS bio: All the details

First off, let's get to some quick details about NICKMERCS you may or may not be aware of. These details include age, marital status, links to his channels, and more.

Who is nickmercs Nick Kolcheff career ninja rivalry 100 thieves nadeshot how did nickmercs get started twitch youtube(Picture: NICKMERCS)

Take a look at the NICKMERCS bio below, filled with quickfire details you might like to know.

  • Real name: Nick Kolcheff
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: 21 November 1990
  • Nationality: American
  • Organization: FaZe Clan
  • Married: Yes
  • Spouse: Emumita Bonita 
  • Award in 2020:10th Streamy Awards - Live Streamer
  • Previous organization: 100 Thieves

NICKMERCS' main YouTube channel, at the time of writing, has 3.5 million subscribers. His secondary YouTube channel has 647,000 subscribers, and his Twitch.tv channel has 5 million followers.

Who is NICKMERCS today? The king of Warzone

Today, NICKMERCS is considered the King of Warzone. Not only does he have multiple tournaments wins such as the Toronto Ultra 100k under his belt making his skill undeniable, but he is also one of the top content creators in Call of Duty.

NICKMERCS provides several gun guides a week, using his vast knowledge of Warzone to create brilliant, energetic videos on YouTube, and streams on Twitch while he is at it.

Basically, if you are looking for a content creator with flare, a powerful personality and a deep understanding of Warzone, then NICKMERCS can be your one and only stop.

NICKMERCS also dabbles in other titles, such as Fall Guys and Fortnite, the latter having a big impact on his streaming career. 

There's also a lot of content involving other big-name streamers, where they team up with NICKMERCS playing Warzone. Lastly, NICKMERCS has this great comedic energy and frequently takes a friendly jab at TimTheTatman, which is always fun to see.


How did NICKMERCS start out?

While NICKMERCS was always a competitive gamer, even from a very young age, back in the day esports wasn't what it is today. Nick moved out of his parents' house to join TH3 NSAN3Z, a Gears of War esports squad.

Over a decade ago, TH3 NSAN3Z won three Major League Gaming (MLG) tournaments, namely MLG Dr Pepper, MLG Anaheim, and the National Championship at MLG Orlando, earning over 100,000 USD in the process.

Who is nickmercs Nick Kolcheff career ninja rivalry 100 thieves nadeshot how did nickmercs get started twitch youtube(Picture: MGL)

At the time, this was a massive amount of money for any esports pro, to say the least, which really put NICKMERCS' name out there for the first time.

Halo and Ninja rivalry

All the way back in 2011, NICKMERCS took a dive into competitive Halo. His stay in Halo was quite short, however, it did allow for a little rivalry between himself and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.

This Ninja and NICKMERCS rivalry, if one can really call it that, came from a GameBattles match back in 2011. Ninja's team won the match and trash-talked, as is tradition. However, Nick didn't take the trash-talking all too well.

Who is nickmercs Nick Kolcheff career ninja rivalry 100 thieves nadeshot how did nickmercs get started twitch youtube(Picture: GameBattles)

A month after the GameBattles match, NICKMERCS walked up to Ninja and said "You wanna go" while Ninja's team told him to "chill". After the incident, Ninja and NICKMERCS became friends, and they even played some casual Fortnite together, laughing every time the incident gets brought up.

NICKMERCS' early streaming career: The Call of Duty switch

Back in 2010, NICKMERCS started his streaming career on Justin.tv (now Twitch.tv) with his Gears of War fame behind him, slowly building his subscriber base. He created his YouTube channel in 2011, with videos featuring Call of Duty and Outlast.

His first big success in streaming, however, only really began in 2013, when he fully switched to Call of Duty. He began with Call of Duty: Ghosts, then transitioned to Advanced Warfare, where he played with Gauge "xAmpz" Brown and Hayden "Nio" Eller.

Continuing to build his follower base, he was considered one of the biggest stars in Call of Duty when Black Ops 3 launched back in 2015. 

Teaming up with the likes of Seth "Scump" Abner, NICKMERCS and his squad pummeled the competition in Modern Warfare Remastered, winning over 100 online tournaments in the process.


Joining 100 Thieves

Matt "Nadeshot" Haag and NICKMERCS are some of the most recognizable names in Call of Duty history. In 2016, NICKMERCS joined the 100 Thieves organization back when it all began.

At the time, he wasn't just a content creator but instead, one of the pillars of the then-infant 100 Thieves. In 2017, NICKMERCS moved to Los Angeles where 100 Thieves and Nadeshot is based. 

Who is nickmercs Nick Kolcheff career ninja rivalry 100 thieves nadeshot how did nickmercs get started twitch youtube(Picture: 100 Thieves)

At 100 Thieves in Los Angeles, NICKMERCS grew his brand, continuing his Call of Duty career. 

The Fortnite boom

Arguably the most important date in NICKMERCS' career is 26th September 2017, the day Fortnite Battle Royale released.

Already established as a Call of Duty star, NICKMERCS dove into Epic Games' Battle Royale title, implementing sessions into his streaming schedule.

Who is nickmercs Nick Kolcheff career ninja rivalry 100 thieves nadeshot how did nickmercs get started twitch youtube(Picture: NICKMERCS)

In 2018, the Fortnite boom happened, as the game grew in popularity at a mammoth pace. It is here where NICKMERCS, with his energetic personality and skill, really took off.

He became the 12th Twitch streamer ever to hit the 3 million followers milestone, using a controller instead of the M&K combo to dominate the competition.

NICKMERCS and his Duos partner Nio set the world record for most eliminations on a console at 46 kills, as well as the record for the most Squads kills at 55. The latter record has since been broken.

NICKMERCS continued to dominate the Fortnite scene, placing first at one of the biggest Fortnite tournaments at the time, KEEMSTAR's Friday Fortnite, with his Duos partner SypherPK. 


NICKMERCS & 100 Thieves drama

Two years after NICKMERCS joined 100 Thieves, the relationship between himself and Nadeshot seemed to fall apart. 

Who is nickmercs Nick Kolcheff career ninja rivalry 100 thieves nadeshot how did nickmercs get started twitch youtube(Picture: 100 Thieves)

NICKMERCS accused Nadeshot of reneging on a gentlemen's agreement to award him 5% of the company, a deal that lost him "millions of dollars".

He announced his departure from 100 Thieves on 24th May 2019, and while Nadeshot never spoke out about the incident, the conversation between Scott Samuel "Scooter" Braun and NICKMERCS did get heated.

NICMERCS talked about a conversation with Scooter back in 2019, stating: "I was in my front yard man... and I remember telling Scooter at one point on that phone call, I literally said 'you know when people go up there and lie like that, on your f**king name, from where I am from, they get slapped in the f**king mouth," he revealed before adding, "is it like that where you're from?"

Following the 100 Thieves drama, NICKMERCS moved back to Michigan.

NICKMERCS joins FaZe Clan

Just a week after moving back to Michigan, NICKMERCS announced he would be joining the massive esports organization, FaZe Clan.

At the time, FaZe Clan CEO, Lee Trink, called the move "the most important player signing in the history of esports, period."

Since joining FaZe Clan, it has been nothing but immense growth for NICKMERCS, and he extended his contract with the organization until 2023.

FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink said that Nick "and MFAM (Nick's fanbase) have become an important part of the FaZe Clan family and Nick has become a terrific role model not just to other FaZe members but the gaming community at large."

Hopefully, we've answered the question: "Who is NICKMERCS" as we gave you a detailed look at one of the top content creators out there, from quickfire questions to the content he creates now, and how Nick Kolcheff became one of the biggest content creators out there.