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How Old Are The Legends In Apex Legends?

Explore the lore and unique stories behind each Legend right here! Find the ages of every Apex Legends character, from the youngest to the oldest.
How Old Are The Legends In Apex Legends?
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The Apex Legends universe may not boast as much lore as other titles, like Overwatch 2, but its characters have deep stories, naturally attracting many players to the game. Each Legend is distinct, spanning a variety of personalities, ages, and looks. If you're keen to delve deeper, here are the ages of each Legend in Apex Legends.

How Old Are The Legends In Apex Legends?

apex legends legends ages
Apex Legends features characters ranging in age from teenagers to over a century old. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

There are 24 unique Apex Legends legends to choose from. Here are the ages of every Apex Legends character, sorted from youngest to oldest in the game:

  • Vantage - 19
  • Rampart - 23
  • Crypto - 24
  • Wattson - 24
  • Lifeline - 26
  • Octane - 26
  • Seer - 27
  • Catalyst - 30
  • Gibraltar - 30
  • Valkyrie - 31
  • Mirage - 32
  • Wraith - 34
  • Loba - 36
  • Bangalore - 40
  • Bloodhound - 40
  • Newcastle - 41
  • Caustic - 50
  • Fuse - 55
  • Mad Maggie - 56
  • Ballistic - 63
  • Pathfinder - 77
  • Ash - 122
  • Horizon - 126
  • Revenant - 359

Some characters are over age 100 and have special circumstances surrounding their age (such as being on another planet or existing as a simulacrum).

Who Is The Youngest Character In Apex Legends?

vantage apex age
Vantage is Apex's youngest character. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Currently, Vantage is the youngest Legend in Apex Legends, aged 19 years old. Born and raised on a remote ice planet by her mother, she stumbled upon the G.D.S. Vantage wreckage at 18, uncovering a truth that led to her mother's imprisonment. Despite her youth, she joined the Apex Games to shed light on her mother's plight.

Who's The Oldest Character In Apex Legends?

Revenant is Apex Legends' eldest character at a staggering 359 years. Although he spent only a fraction of those years as a human, having been turned into a simulacrum at 44, he has lived 315 years in that form, making him 359 years old.

Following closely is Horizon, who has her own peculiar age-related story. Technically 126 years old, Horizon spent 39 years on Earth before spending an additional 87 years in space due to a betrayal by a colleague.

That's the exact age of every Apex Legends character, from Vantage to Catalyst to Mirage. The game's characters span a wide range of ages and walks of life, ranging from just 19 to over 100.