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How to report smurfs in Apex Legends

Here's how you can report smurfs in Apex Legends thanks to an update to the reporting system which splits smurfing into its own category.
How to report smurfs in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have a lot to do in Season 9 Legacy. There's a new Arenas game mode, a tonne of goodies to unlock via the Battle Pass, and much more. However, one thing which remains in Apex Legends and can sour the experience for some is smurfs. Usually, players just reported suspected smurfs as cheaters. However, Respawn Entertainment has added a new option, which allows you to report Apex Legends smurfs specifically.

Apex Legends smurfs: How to report

For those who are unaware, smurfing is when a high-ranked or talented player creates a brand-new account to decimate newbies.

This is done, generally, just to crush new players, or sometimes to play with their friends who are much lower-ranked, and boost them in the process.

Thanks to a new option in Apex Legends Legacy, it is now easier for players to report suspected smurfs.

Apex legends smurfs how to report smurfing(Picture: EA)

The new function to report smurfing in Apex Legends is quite easy to use. Simply follow the steps below.

  • In a match, click on the player's nickname who you suspect of being a smurf.
  • Bring up the report menu.
  • Choose the bottom option "Smurfing" as seen in the image above.

Reporting a suspected smurf in an Apex Legends match will get the developers to investigate.

Please keep in mind that just because someone is better than you doesn't necessarily mean they are smurfing. However, there is clearly a smurf infestation in Apex Legends, else Respawn wouldn't have added the new reporting option, would they?

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