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Apex Legends
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How to watch Apex Legends Charity Invitational: Stream, schedule, players, teams, more

Some of the biggest Twitch streamers and pro FPS players are invited to participate in Apex Legends Charity Invitational, and here's everything you need to know about the event, including all the dates, how you can watch it, teams, and more.

Respawn Entertainment is joining forces with some of the most popular FPS pros, content creators, and streamers, to bring you the Apex Legends Charity Invitational tournament.

Apex Legends Season 10 has just started, a perfect time to watch pros and see what Legends are the best in the current Season 10 meta.

Asides from that, the event will undoubtedly be a fun experience to watch, as it will see many streamers and pros, who predominately play different games, playing Apex Legends together.

And, of course, it is a charity event, which means that by watching it you will support a good cause!

Without further ado, let's check out everything that's important about the event.

Apex Legends Charity Invitational dates and schedule

Apex Legends Charity Invitational: Stream, schedule, players, teams
(Picture: EA)

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no official announcement about the event coming from Respawn or EA, so all information we currently have is coming from the participating players themselves.

The event spans the whole month of August, and these are currently confirmed dates that we have, based on tweets from participating content creators.

The Charity Invitational tournament will be held on 6-12th August and 16-19th August.

When it comes to the schedule, starting times for each date are different, and matches will start at 10 am PT, 12:30 pm PT, or 6 pm PT.

On each day matches will last for approximately an hour and a half.

Apex Legends Charity Invitational rules and format

Apex Legends Charity Invitational: Stream, schedule, players, teams
(Picture: EA)

The information about the tournament format is scarce as well. The only thing that we know is that each team will play three games throughout the event, on three different days.

Asides from that, it has been confirmed that teams will not play the "standard" battle royale mode, rather the 3v3 Arenas mode.

Apex Legends Charity Invitational prize pool

Apex Legends Charity Invitational: Stream, schedule, players, teams
(Picture: EA)

As a charity event, the Charity Invitational tournament comes with a $20,000 prize pool which will go to charity.

We don't know how the money is being spread and who will get to choose charities where the money will go, but that will probably be the winning team.

Apex Legends Charity Invitational players and teams

We currently know five confirmed teams that will participate in the event, with more to be revealed soon.

Team Players
Team Myth Myth, Wardell, Subroza
Team Fran Fran, Gale, Reps
Team ChocoTaco ChocoTaco, Viss, MacieJay
Team Danucd Danucd, Break, Halifax
Team Emad Emad, Pokelawls, Kraftyy

How to watch Apex Legends Charity Invitational

Apex Legends Charity Invitational: Stream, schedule, players, teams
(Picture: EA)

There will be no official stream of the event with casters, instead, all participating content creators will stream their games via their personal Twitch channels.

We will update the article as soon as more details become available, including all participating teams, additional details about the rules, and more.

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