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Apex Legends Season 10 Legend tier list - Every character ranked from best to worst

Season 10 of Apex Legends continues to evolve the game with a new Legend, weapons, and balance changes. Which Legends will rise the ranks of our tier list?
Apex Legends Season 10 Legend tier list - Every character ranked from best to worst

Season 10 of Apex Legends is right around the corner, bringing massive changes to Respawn's battle royale, starting with the introduction of Seer, the latest Legend to make its debut on the battlefield, a brand-new LMG called Rampage, ranked mode for the 3v3 Arena mode that debuted during Season 9, and the classic balance changes for weapons and characters alike.

With so many variations to the Apex Legends gameplay, players will find themselves once again scrambling to find out which characters are best suited for victory, taking into consideration their abilities, how they synergize with other Legends, and their solo impact.

As the roster continues to expand, reaching 18 Legends total as of Season 10, making the correct choice in the character selection screen is more crucial than ever before. Of course, this doesn't mean picking a weaker Legend means you're automatically going to lose a match, but it's certainly going to play against you during the final moments of it.

With that being said, let's rank all the Legends in Apex Legends Season 10's battle royale mode.

Apex Legends Season 10/Emergence Legends tier list

apex legends tier list season 10
(Picture: Respawn)

Before we start this tier list, there are two important factors to remember. First up, tier lists are not an exact science as there is a lot to take into account that's sometimes impossible to measure, such as your current rank, mechanical skill, and whether or not you communicate with your team.

Second, this tier list is specifically made for the battle royale mode, we'll have a separate Arenas tier list for you to check out as well.

Description of the tiers

We have opted for a standard five-tier system, S to D.

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  • S-Tier: A pick that you can’t go wrong with despite what your teammates select. 
  • A-Tier: Solid all-around choice that will benefit your team more than other Legends. 
  • B-Tier: Serviceable Legends that can have an impact on a match if used correctly. 
  • C-Tier: Choices that won’t have a large impact on whether your team wins a match or not. 
  • D-Tier: Should only be picked if you need to complete a challenge.

Apex Legends Season 10 Legends tier list

best legends season 10 apex
(Picture: Respawn)


  • Wraith: Wraith's still the ultimate soloq character and that's not changing with Season 10. She's got the perfect escape tools and her ultimate can help the entire team relocate if things get messy during fights. You can't beat mobility.
  • Bloodhound: Bloodhound is the perfect tracker, and in a game in which the final circles involve a lot of camping, knowing the exact position of where your enemies are is always a huge advantage. He's always been top-tier and will remain there for the foreseeable future.
  • Gibraltar:The Legend that made Dr Disrespect cry, Gibby is a staple of Apex's competitive meta, and for good reason. Not only he can directly tank damage at the cost of moving slow, but his shield dome is also perfect to control areas during final circles, tilting your opponents in the process.


lifeline apex legends
(Picture: Respawn)
  • Lifeline: Lifeline's rework fundamentally changed how the character is played and for many, ourselves included, was an outright downgrade, moving her from her usual S-Tier slot down to A-Tier. Yes, she can revive two friendlies at a time at the cost of her Drone not deploying a shield, but if you find yourself in that scenario, you'll likely be pushed by the enemy team regardless. Still, she's a strong and versatile Legend.
  • Seer: Prior to the latest patch, Seer has been in his own Tier 0, as he was unbelievably strong, but with the latest set of nerfs, we think he fits right in our A-Tier.
  • Octane: The meme Legend himself has been considered a very good pick the last couple of seasons, and that's not changing with Season 10. He's become a more high-risk high-reward character with his stims, but if you play aggressively alongside your team, you'll take a few squads by surprise.
  • Horizon: Horizon received some huge nerfs during Season 9, with Respawn trying to make amends during Emergence, giving the scientist a faster gravity lift-up speed. She's still not close to S-Tier and is definitely the weakest of A-Tier, but in terms of fun, Horizon's probably one of the best for you to pick up.


loba apex legends
(Picture: Respawn)
  • Loba: One of the most underrated characters in the game often placed near the bottom of every tier list, her black market Ultimate being on such a low cooldown is perfect to gear up early in a match.
  • Valkyrie: The Season 9 debutant quickly lost steam once players figured out her abilities seemed a bit lackluster in practice. Her ultimate is still one of the best to get out of sticky situations, but at that point, why not play Wraith?
  • Caustic: Annoying to deal with to the point the Apex devs themselves describe him as such, Caustic received some slight buffs for Season 10 that bump him into our B-Tier. 
  • Bangalore: Wrapping up our B-Tier is Bangalore, a very abandoned OG Legend. She can deny vision and is perfect to create chaos in the battlefield, but her passive ability does nothing for her unless she's taking damage, and her Ultimate is basically useless until the final circles.


wattson apex legends
(Picture: Respawn)
  • Wattson: Talking about niche Legends, Wattson can absolutely demolish during the late game... if you're in a good position to even take advantage of her zoning tools.
  • Pathfinder: Another OG Legend that seems forgotten by the developers, Pathfinder's abilities are simply too vanilla. His Zipline gives your team a great way to move across the map, and her grappling hook can be a fun novelty, but overall, he's not as powerful as he used to be.
  • Rampart: Talk about fall from grace. From being touted as Apex's biggest problem to being relegated to becoming an almost bottom-tier, Rampart is still a fun solo-character, sadly, her mighty stationary turret is simply quite useless due to how mobility based the game has always been.
  • Crypto: Did you forget this character existed? Don't worry, we did too. This is not to say Crypto is completely worthless, he's got his uses, sadly, you need a proper squad to take full advantage of his EMPs, and that's something you rarely find in ranked.
  • Revenant: Don't ask why, but Revenant received some nerfs for Season 10, adding a penalty movement after being recalled to Death Totem and a visual cue that lets other players know when it's about to end. He wasn't in the best spot before, and he's certainly in an even worse state now.
  • Mirage: We'll throw Mirage mains a bone here by saving him from being in the bottom tier, but seriously, his holographic gimmicks are well known by Apex veterans and don't fool anyone. Perhaps his real value is playing behind aggressive pushers and respawn them for free if needed. 


fuse apex
(Picture: Respawn)
  • Fuse: No, no, listen to us, don't do it, the Season 10 buffs are worthless, Fuse is worthless, don't play this character.

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