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Apex Legends
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NICKMERCS reveals most broken Apex Legends gun

Famous Call of Duty content creator NICKMERCS has revealed what he believes to be one of, if not the most broken gun in Apex Legends right now.

For those who don't know, one of the biggest Call of Duty content creators, and FaZe Clan co-owner, Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff, stopped playing Warzone early in August. While this might be a temporary move, NICKMERCS is now enjoying Apex Legends and has even shared reasons why he prefers Respawn's Battle Royale over a trip to Verdansk right now.

NICKMERCS is well known for sharing "broken" weapon loadouts and talking about the power level of guns on his YouTube channel with over 4 million subscribers, for Call of Duty fans.

NICKMERCS most broken best gun apex legends wingman revolver
The Wingman revolver. (Picture: EA)

Now, with the content creator jumping into Apex Legends, he has shared what he believes to be the most broken gun in the game.

The most broken gun in Apex Legends?

According to NICKMERCS' recent video, he believes that the Wingman (revolver) is the most broken gun in the game right now, and also one of the best controller weapons around.

Before highlighting some gameplay of the Wingman in action, NICKMERCS does note that this gun has a "very high skill gap" even with aim assist.

NICKMERCS most broken best gun apex legends wingman revolver
NICKMERCS under pressure. (Picture: NICKMERCS / EA)

NICKMERCS explains: "If you can get it down, this thing is a hammer. It's good long-range, its good close range, it's good mid-range. It hits for 45 and like 80 to the head. This thing is a deleter, you just gotta hit your shots cause you don't have as many of them."

The Wingman has a base clip size of six, which is what NICKMERCS is referring to. This "most broken gun" in Apex Legends can, however, be enhanced with the Boosted Loader Hop-Up. This reduces the gun's reload time (2.1 base stat) if you reload just before a mag is empty, and it also adds two additional rounds when the reload is complete.

NICKMERCS most broken best gun apex legends wingman revolver
The Wingman is capable of long-range shots. (Picture: NICKMERCS / EA)

NICKMERCS further explains how he is getting used to the Wingman, which he believes to be one of the most broken guns in Apex Legends right now: "The more I play Apex Legends the more comfortable I get with different guns, and there’s one that’s starting to become the top option for me. I’ve been using this weapon in ranked and as soon as I got the hang of it, I started to really pop off!

NICKMERCS most broken best gun apex legends wingman revolver
NICKMERCS' squad wins against Apex Predators. (Picture: NICKMERCS / EA)

If only NICKMERCS was around in the first season when the Wingman was even more powerful...

Check out the full video of NICKMERCS taking down enemies, almost half of which he damaged or killed with the powerful revolver. It is important to note that this is in Diamond ranked lobbies, against Apex Predators...not just some new players.

While some might disagree with his opinion on the most broken gun in Apex Legends right now, it is great to see NICKMERCS get so excited about the game, and continue to push out excellent content.

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