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NICKMERCS explains why he prefers Apex Legends over Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone legend, NICKMERCS, reveals why he prefers Apex Legend in a recent YouTube video, praising the game's "top tier" ranked mode and saying "there's nothing to grind for" in Warzone.
NICKMERCS explains why he prefers Apex Legends over Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone legend and FaZe Clan co-owner, NICKMERCS, previously announced that he was taking a break from Warzone to play Apex Legends following the onslaught of cheating in the game.

After switching, NICKMERCS has found himself thoroughly enjoying the game. He recently uploaded a video explaining why he prefers Apex Legends over Warzone and his reasoning may surprise you.

Why NICKMERCS prefers Apex Legends over Warzone

In his video uploaded on the 10th of August, NICKMERCS explained why he preferred Apex Legends over Warzone. He opened by saying that he doesn't think people are hopping onto Apex Legends because it's anything "new or crazy" but rather that when you're playing Warzone there's "nothing to play for".

nickmercs faze clan youtube apex legends cod warzone
NICKMERCS playing Apex Legends. (Picture: YouTube / NICKMERCS)

"I think the biggest comparison you can make is when you're playing Warzone you're going for high kills but there are no ranked matches, there's no arena, there's nothing to grind for", he said.

NICKMERCS proceed to explain that although Warzone has wagers and tournaments, the game is "infested with cheaters and losers" and that "hackers ruin all that either way".

He continued to praise Apex Legend's ranked mode by calling it "top tier" and feels that it's a good assessment of where you're at in the game.

Although it is possible for players to get "boosted" if they played with higher ranking players, the hacking is not nearly as prevalent as it is in Warzone.

nickmercs quits warzone prefers apex legends explains why
NICKMERCS praises Apex Legends ranked mode. (Picture: YouTube / NICKMERCS)

"I feel as though [Apex Legends] has me more locked than I've been in years. I mean I have something to grind for, I'm passionate about being competitive and stuff [...] it's a big W".

You can watch the full video below. The topic starts at around the 30-second mark and proceeds up to minute 2.

It's clear that NICKMERCS is having a great time playing Apex Legends so it remains to be seen whether or not he will return to Warzone in the near future. He previously indicated that he is only quitting Warzone temporarily and may come back when Season 5 launches.

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Header image via YouTube / NICKMERCS / Respawn.