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How To Complete Orientation Matches In Apex Legends

Learn how to smoothly transition from a beginner to a regular player and improve your in-game experience by mastering orientation matches in Apex Legends.
How To Complete Orientation Matches In Apex Legends
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If you're new to the fast-paced, action-packed hero shooter Apex Legends, then it's likely you've dropped into a game and been eliminated almost instantly. This can deter many new players, as the gap between them and veterans is already vast, but thankfully, the game now features orientation matches.

The developers at EA have implemented orientation matches in Apex Legends Season 16, which are perfect training grounds for new players or even those who want to brush up on the basics. So, in this guide, we'll explore the details of orientation matches in Apex Legends and discuss how to complete them.

What Are Orientation Matches In Apex Legends?

Orientation matches are essentially training matches intended for new players to get familiar with various elements of the game, including both AI bots and other beginner players. All new accounts must play these games before joining a regular battle royale match.

Ultimately, the orientation matches in Apex Legends aim to help new players understand how the game works and establish a solid foundation. As players gain experience in orientation matches and become more familiar with Apex, they can progress to full lobbies with only other players.

Apex Legends What Are Orientation Matches
Orientation matches are games played between new players and bots to facilitate a smoother transition into the game's mechanics. (Picture: EA)

In orientation matches, new players can team up with their experienced friends, regardless of their rank, whether Bronze, Platinum, or even Predator. However, the opponents will mostly consist of beginners or AI bots.

It's important to note that players cannot earn badges in Apex Legends orientation matches. This restriction is intentional to prevent veteran players from exploiting the system to farm new badges and unlock cosmetics easily. This decision aims to create a smoother experience for newcomers.

How To Complete Orientation Matches In Apex Legends

Before participating in an orientation match, new players must complete the tutorial mode. The tutorial, led by Bloodhound and Pathfinder, teaches players how to navigate the map, equip weapons, and use their abilities. Once the tutorial is finished, players can queue up for an orientation match from the main menu.

Apex Legends How To Complete Orientation matches
To complete these matches, players will need to achieve first place or place in the top 5 multiple times. (Picture: EA)

To complete orientation matches, players must either achieve a first-place finish once or place in the top five multiple times. Alternatively, orientation matches in Apex Legends may also conclude after a certain number of games played without a win or top-five placement. This ensures beginners can swiftly graduate from orientation matches by performing well.

And there you have it - a quick and comprehensive look at what orientation matches are in Apex Legends, as well as how to complete them and move on to regular games now that you've had some practice. As new features or changes are added to the orientation matches, we will update this listing, so check back here frequently.