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Apex Legends Weapon Mastery System Explained

Get the most out of your weapons and climb through the ranks with our guide on how the Wepaons Mastery system works in Apex Legends.
Apex Legends Weapon Mastery System Explained

Apex Legends has always been committed to keeping the adrenaline pumping in its fast-paced battle royale-hero shooter. Now, in this latest season, they've come up with an exciting way to enhance the gameplay using your beloved firearms. This innovative addition is known as the "Weapon Mastery" system, and if you're curious to learn more about it then you're in the right place!

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through all the ins and outs of the Weapon Mastery system in Apex Legends. You'll get a clear understanding of the different weapon levels, how to progress through each level, and the enticing rewards waiting for you. So, let's delve into the details and gear up for an even more thrilling adventure in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Weapon Mastery System

Apex Legends introduces a fresh addition called "Weapon Mastery" this season, which allows players to level up their weapons in a manner reminiscent of the system in Call of Duty. With a total of 100 levels to achieve for each weapon, players will encounter challenges to complete every 20 levels. 

Apex Legends Weapon Mastery System Explained Details below
The Weapon Mastery system allows players to gain XP and track their progress for their favorite guns in the game while earning rewards for doing so. (Picture: YouTube / thethak)

These challenges, known as "Trials," consist of five unique feats tailored to each weapon. Successfully conquering all five Trials for any weapon rewards players with the Legendary-tier Weapons Master universal banner frame (more details on other rewards to be discussed later).

While Trials demand players to accomplish specific feats with their chosen weapon, the journey to reach level 100 mainly involves acquiring XP by regularly using the weapon. Players can earn XP from any mode, including both Ranked and non-Ranked battle royale matches and Mixtape Mode. However, not all methods of weapon usage yield the same amount of XP, creating variations in the rate of progression.

Apex Legends - Weapon Mastery XP Tips

As you progress through each level of Weapon Mastery, the XP requirement increases, with a total of 1,000,000 XP needed to achieve full mastery for a single weapon (in addition to completing all five Trials). You can earn XP in various ways:

Apex Legends Weapon Mastery System Explained Various ways to get XP
There are various ways to get XP within the Weapon Mastery system as described below. (Picture: YouTube / thethak)

Dealing Damage: Inflicting damage on opponents awards XP, with additional bonuses for damage while sliding, zipping, and jumping.

Kills: Each elimination grants additional XP, though the exact amount earned per kill remains unspecified.

Headshots: Scoring critical hits via headshots yields the maximum amount of bonus XP, but the specific value is undisclosed.

Holding Your Weapon: An unusual yet straightforward method to gain XP is by continuously holding the weapon you want to level up. Having the weapon equipped but stowed away won't generate XP, so be mindful of your surroundings when utilizing this approach, as it significantly reduces sprinting speed.

Trials: As previously mentioned, Trials are specific challenges that players must complete for each weapon to earn rewards. You unlock a new trial every 20 levels of mastery progress. Examples of trials include:

  • Down an enemy from 25 meters away while aiming down sights (ADS).
  • Get 3 kills with the weapon while having a level 3 magazine equipped in one match.
  • The final trial for the Kraber is to land a 360 no-scope shot.
Apex Legends Weapon Mastery System Explained Specific Legends
Some Legends offer unique abilities that make getting XP much easier, such as Ballistic's Tempest ability. (Picture: EA)

Legend Choice: The final tip we can offer is to select the most suitable Legend for your playstyle, understanding that this preference can vary from person to person. However, we do have two strong recommendations:

  • Ballistic: This Legend's Tempest ability not only boosts reloading speed for himself and nearby teammates but also provides a significant speed increase while sprinting with a weapon in hand. As having a weapon out grants extra XP, Ballistic proves to be an excellent choice, enabling swift movement without the need to stow the weapon.
  • Mad Maggie: Her passive ability, Warlord's Ire, enhances movement speed when holding a shotgun, making her ideal for maximizing the un-stowed weapon XP boost. This can be highly advantageous for players aiming to gain XP while staying agile during battles.

Weapon Mastery Rewards in Apex Legends

Last but not least, as we mentioned earlier, leveling up each weapon will allow players to earn rewards such as:

Apex Legends Weapon Mastery System Explained Rewrads
Last but not least, don't forget to pick up your rewards for leveling through the Weapons Mastery of each weapon. (Picture: YouTube / thethak)
  • A guaranteed Legendary skin for each weapon upon reaching level 100 or mastering it.
  • Banner frames
  • Performance trackers
  • Weapon-specific mastery level badges

*Note: If you already have all the skins, you'll receive equivalent crafting materials instead.

And there you have it, a comprehensive and quick look at how the Weapon Mastery System in Apsex Legends. Good luck as you work your way up the ranks to get more and more rewards and, of course, dominate your opponents.