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Respawn removes tap-strafing from Apex Legends

Apex Legends' devs have confirmed that they will remove the controversial tap-strafing technique with the next patch in Season 10.
Respawn removes tap-strafing from Apex Legends

If you are a regular Apex Legends player you probably know what tap-strafing is.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, tap-strafing is a movement technique that is essentially a combination of older FPS movements techniques - air strafing and bunny hopping - which allows players to make sudden changes of direction and sharp turns, giving players an ability to move unpredictably and avoid fire in intense gunfights.

When mastered correctly, it is a very powerful technique that gives M&K (mouse and keyboard) players a very real advantage as it is much more efficient compared to regular side-jumps.

But it looks like its days are numbered as developers, Respawn Entertainment, have promised its removal in an upcoming patch.

Respawn explains why is tap-strafing being removed

tap-strafing apex legends removed
The controversy surrounding tap-strafing stems from a fact that you can not do it with a controller. (Picture: EA)

Developers have confirmed that tap-strafing is set to be removed from Apex Legends in Season 10, starting from patch 10.1.

In a tweet announcing this decision, Respawn said that their reasoning is because "it's inaccessible, lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities."

The 10.1 update is expected to launch in around two weeks (mid-September), and that's when tap-strafing will be removed.

While Respawn stated that patch notes for the update will include "a more detailed note" about why are they removing tap-strafing, the community is already voicing their divided opinions on it, with many agreeing that it is the right move, stating the inaccessibility of this technique to console players as one of the main reasons why it should not be in the game (it is not possible to perform tap-strafing with a controller).

On the other hand, some players think that this is punishing skilled and pro players, as the technique is not easy to master and execute perfectly, and those who were able to take it to their advantage are now being left without one of their skills.

tap-strafing apex legends removed
Many pro players and content creators are not happy with this decision. (Picture: EA)

Players who are actively using tap-strafing argue that it is a fun mechanic to learn and use, while also creating opportunities to show off your skills and stand out as a player. Many pro players are especially angry over this decision, and some of them believe that Respawn is doing this only to cater to casual players.

"Actually sh**iest decision ever made," wrote Nokokopuffs, while iiTzTimmy, known for his epic Bronze to Predator 54-hours stream, stated his disappointment with a "what a fu**ed up day" comment.

At the time of writing, SypherPK, NRG Nafen, eU lyr1c, and many other pro players and streamers have also commented on the removal, emphasizing their disagreement and mocking the decision.

tap-strafing apex legends removed
Respawn will provide more details in the next patch when they remove tap-strafing. (Picture: EA)

Whether you agree with the decision or think that tap-strafing should stay in the game, there are no clear winners in this situation, as it seems that both sides have legitimate arguments for staying and for removing it from the game.


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