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Apex Legends Solos Mode will be Returning in Season 21

Get ready to drop in solo as we discuss the latest announcement that Apex Legends will bring back the solos game mode in Season 21.
Apex Legends Solos Mode will be Returning in Season 21

We know that Respawn has always aimed to keep the gameplay experience of Apex Legends fresh and dynamic with each new season. In Season 21, they're adding a twist by bringing back a long-absent game mode: Solos and Quads. While this news brings excitement, it also raises several questions about this decision.

If you're looking to catch up on all the details and get informed about the new game mode arriving in Season 21, you're in the right spot. Below, we'll delve into everything we currently know about the return of Solos mode to Apex Legends in Season 21.

Apex Legends Solos Mode will be Returning in Season 21

Solos made a brief appearance in the game about five years ago but were eventually removed. However, it appears that they will be making a comeback in Season 21, alongside the introduction of the new Legend Alter. Despite the announcement from the developers, there's still limited information available regarding what exactly to expect.

Apex Legends Solos Returning In Season 21
Season 21 will bring back Solos and Quads along with the new Legend Alter. (Picture: EA)

The teaser "Break the rules in Apex Legends: Upheaval with Solos Takeover, new Legend Alter, a shattered Broken Moon, customizable Apex Artifacts, and more" provides more of a narrative overview than technical specifics. The intricacies of reintroducing both solos and duos into the game at this stage are significant for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the game is currently designed around squad-based gameplay, as stated by lead Legend Designer Devan McGuire: "This is a squad-based game, and that's why you don't see solos. We had that experiment a long time ago, and we're not bringing it back." Additionally, many Legends are tailored for squad play, leaving questions about how Respawn will balance these modes now that they've so quickly decided to bring back solos despite seemingly taking it off the table.

Apex Legends Solos Returning In Season 21 Details
While many are concerned with how Resapwn will make the solos and quads work with the current meta, many are elated as it will give new players a more accessible way to ramp up in Apex Legends. (Picture: EA)

On the other hand, Apex Legends has faced criticism for not being particularly welcoming to new players, who struggle to adapt to the steep learning curve in full-scale matches. The addition of solos could alleviate this issue, providing newcomers with a space to experiment with different legends and learn the game without facing overwhelming odds against experienced players.

As one user responded to a post by @Osvaldatore: "I think solos will be an amazing way for new players to [actually] learn the game without having to fight 2-3 people at once that are much better than them. Solo queuing also just sucks so massive W for those who do that. I hope this is real and brings some life to the game."

While the mechanics of solos and quads with the current Legends and meta remain unknown, it's clear that these modes could attract and support new players. We'll have to wait and see how it unfolds, but Solos and Quads are on the horizon for Apex Legends in the upcoming season.