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"Teaming" Cheaters Are Ruining Solo's Mode for Apex Legends Players

As soon as Solos mode made its debut in Apex Legends, it appears to have fallen victim to the scourge of "teaming" cheaters with alarming speed. Here's the lowdown on what you need to know.
"Teaming" Cheaters Are Ruining Solo's Mode for Apex Legends Players

The recent release of Season 21 brought much joy to fans, especially with the return of the coveted solos mode, despite Respawn developers previously indicating it wouldn't come back. However, as is often the case, there are individuals intent on spoiling the experience for others.

In particular, players have raised concerns about cheaters "teaming" with others in solos mode, detracting from the experience for those genuinely seeking a solo gaming experience. Let's delve into the specifics of this issue below and explore potential solutions that Respawn could implement to address the problem.

Apex Legends Solos Mode Plagued With Teaming Cheaters and Ruining the Mode for Others

Numerous Apex Legends players are expressing frustration over the reemergence of the Solos mode, citing instances of players teaming up to gain unfair advantages. This sentiment has been vocalized prominently on the Apex Legends Subreddit, with AnalystShort1331's post exemplifying the widespread discontent.

According to reports, players have encountered scenarios where multiple individuals are cooperating within Solos matches, evident from the absence of gunfire in areas densely populated by pairs. This blatant collaboration undermines the essence of solo play, intended for individual players to hone their skills without the interference of organized teams.

Many have criticized Respawn for failing to implement effective measures to prevent such behavior, highlighting the necessity for robust monitoring systems to deter cheating, a problem that has persisted in ranked gameplay for several seasons.

Apex Legends Solos Mode Plagued With Cheating Teaming Players
We're hopeful that the devs at Respawn can put in some safeguards to ward off this issue, but we also hope that players take it upon themselves to not cheat and ruin solos for the rest of us. (Picture: EA)

While frustration may be directed toward the developers, there's a prevailing consensus within the community that players themselves must uphold ethical standards and refrain from exploiting loopholes. This sentiment is echoed in subreddit discussions, where users humorously lament the recurrence of issues that marred previous iterations of Solos mode.

While there's optimism that developers will address these concerns and preserve Solos mode with appropriate policing measures, there's also a plea for players engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct to reconsider their actions, recognizing the importance of fair play in sustaining the game mode's longevity. The hope is that history doesn't repeat itself, and Solos mode isn't permanently removed from Apex Legends due to recurring issues.